29 March 2013 I ordered three sample canvases that should come to my apartment any day now. I am very excited to see what they look like! Basketball ended two days ago, we dropped out of the NIT tournament with a loss to Saint Marries on Wednesday afternoon. This has been the first time since [...]

Making Plans…

29 March 2013 I meet with Ellie in an hour to talk about Europe plans.  It looks like I am probably going to buy my Eurail pass today....exciting!  My itinerary changes every day as I realize more and more places I want to see!  It has come down to a factor of time.  6 WEEKS IN [...]

Off to Rome

27 March 2013 I went by the BYU travel office today and bought my ticket from London to Rome!  I get into the Rome Ciampino airport at 9:40 in the morning from there will take a shuttle to the city center to meet up with my little backpack group (Ellie and Steven) that will have [...]

Oxford Here I Come

25 MARCH 2013 ...Dear Kylie Brown: Congratulations on your acceptance to BYU's Spring 2013 Oxford Seminar DE program... Today I was accepted into the Oxford Seminar Program, and I leave for Europe in 42 days!  I can’t believe this is really happening.  My schedule over the spring and summer honestly feels like it is straight [...]