Oxford Here I Come

25 MARCH 2013

…Dear Kylie Brown:

Congratulations on your acceptance to BYU’s Spring 2013 Oxford Seminar DE program…

Today I was accepted into the Oxford Seminar Program, and I leave for Europe in 42 days!  I can’t believe this is really happening.  My schedule over the spring and summer honestly feels like it is straight from a fairytale storybook.  Early in January I received my acceptance letter to study at Cambridge this summer, two weeks ago I purchased my roundtrip flight from Boise to London, and two minutes ago I received word that I have been accepted to study at Oxford in the spring.  I am going to Europe…I AM GOING TO EUROPE and I am going to study at two of the top universities in the world! Is this real life?  I have concluded my life can’t possibly be real, but every time I pinch myself nothing happens…

06 MAY 2013  27 AUG 2013


Duration:03hr(s) :15min(s)
Aircraft:CRJ-700 CANADAIR REGIONAL JETDistance (in Miles):1440
Duration:08hr(s) :15min(s)
Aircraft:BOEING 767 JETDistance (in Miles):3953 


When I get into London on the late afternoon of May 7th, my friend Alyssa Alexander and her amazing parents are going to be there to pick me up and take me around their beautiful country of England.  Alyssa is such a great friend, we met up a couple weeks ago to plan out what I wanted to see while I was there and she already had created the most perfect itinerary for my week in England.

Tuesday: Stonehenge, Jack the Ripper Tour in London

Wednesday: Day Tour of London

Thursday: London, Warwick Castle

Friday: Hylton/Alnwick Castles

Saturday: York, Ghost Walk

Sunday: Liverpool, Beatles Tour

Monday: Fly to Rome


Above: Hylton Castle

The Hylton Castle is located in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, England.  It was built by my great, great, great, etc… grandfather Henry de Hilton in 1072 and was passed down the family line until it was given to the English Heritage who manages the historical environment of England.

I am very interested in family history and have plans to visit many sites that directly related to my ancestors.  During my time at Cambridge I will be going to Scotland to visit Edinburg where the castle and stomping grounds of Queen Mary of Scots lies…she is my great, great, great, etc… Grandmother

Early morning May 13th I fly from the London Stansted airport to the Rome Ciampino airport to meet up with a few of my friends to backpack Europe for the next 27 days.  I am going to be in Europe with a backpack and a train pass for four weeks…HOW IN THE WORLD AM I GOING TO DECIDE WHERE TO GO AND WHAT TO SEE???

My backpack adventures will end, at least for a time, on June 8th when I will begin my program at Oxford, England.

Oxford Seminar

Open to all majors, this seminar is a sharply focused, two-week experience sponsored by BYU Undergraduate Education. Classes will be held at the Oxford University Saïd Business School. Students will learn the skills, theory, and practice of social innovation, responsible entrepreneurship, and ethical leadership. This seminar aims to foster creative problem-solving so that BYU students will develop the tools to be able to address some of our most pressing social, economic, and environmental challenges. Moreover, the seminar seeks to inculcate attitudes of innovation, cooperation, and a desire to serve and give back to local, national, and global communities in which they live. When students return to BYU they will be better prepared to apply to national scholarships and fellowships that will help to provide further training, resources, and professional networks for their ideas in social innovation and entrepreneurship.

The previous excerpt explains quite concisely what I will be doing while at Oxford.  The program goes from June 8-June 22 and CLAYTON CHRISTENSON is going to be there.  He is a Rhode Scholar from BYU who now teaches at the Harvard Business School.  He was just named one of the top thinkers in the world, as well as the top social innovator in the world by Business Week.

After my time at Oxford comes to an end (which I am dreading already because I know I won’t want to leave one little bit…) I will have one week to travel before beginning my studies at Cambridge (the real reason I am going to Europe this summer).  I have coordinated with the few others who are attending both Oxford and Cambridge as well, and we have a little travel group planned for that off week.  As of late we are planning on going to Prague, Vienna, and Budapest.


Cambridge is an ancient university city and you will be studying at two of its most venerable Colleges: Pembroke (founded 1347) and King’s (founded 1441). The city, filled with architectural gems and magnificent gardens, is strikingly beautiful and particularly charming in the summer. Students can look forward to punting on the River Cam, listening to choir music, enjoying the Cambridge Shakespeare Festival, taking in the treasures of the Fitzwilliam and other museums and libraries, enjoying High Tea and Formal Hall, among other academic and cultural delights. The Pembroke-King’s Programme (PKP) offers, in addition to its more than forty courses, an exceptional opportunity for students to take advantage of the Cambridge tutorial or supervision system whereby an individual works directly with a faculty member or Cambridge PhD postgraduate student in weekly meetings, completing a series of research-based papers in their major subject area.

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