Short overview of my Travels

Many people have been asking me what me schedule will be like the 4 months I am in Europe.  I have decided to post a short dialog on my travels that start…tomorrow?  Yes, TOMORROW!  I will fly into the London Airport and meet up with my friend Alyssa from northern England, who I will then spend the next week with traveling from corner to corner of beautiful England.  After that amazing week I will fly to Rome to Meet up with my friends Steven and Ellie.  After 3 glorious days in Rome we will journey to Florence, Venice, Barcelona, Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Prague, Budapest, Vienna, and Basel.  That list is just a snip it of the places we plan to see and because we purchased a global train pass we will have the freedom to travel whenever and wherever we wish….that feeling is amazing!  I put my business skills to work and have connected with several LDS members throughout Europe, many of which are happily hosting us!  I have already made many great friends all throughout Europe and look forward to making further connections once I get to meet these wonderful members in person!  I believe I am in 10 plus facebook groups for Young Single Adult Wards throughout Europe…I just love how the church is worldwide, It really is remarkable!  After my 5 week backpacking journey and  research endeavor (as noted in my previous post), I will settle down with several other BYU students in the University town of Oxford, England where I will study with some of the best business professors in the world.  There I will spend an intensive week studying social innovation, followed by a second week working with businesses in the Oxford/London area on implementing innovative practices into their business systems.  Ever since I was a little girl I have dreamed about going to Oxford and it is crazy that in a few short weeks I will be making that dream come true!  When those two glorious weeks at Oxford come to a close, I will have a one week break to mentally recoup for my intensive 8-week term at Cambridge. That week, the last week of June, myself and my friends (Kailey and Stephanie, two students also attending Oxford and possibly others who want to join the fun) will fly into Seville and explore the beauties of southern Spain.  Kailey is of Portugal decent, so she has a lot of family that still lives in Portugal.  As part of our school detox we will be swimming, diving, sea-fishing, surfing, and exploring the beautiful cities of Faro, Lisbon, and Porto Portugal.  Both Kailey and Stephanie are absolutely amazing and I am excited to see all that we can accomplish in that short week!  Heading Back to England after our week in Portugal, I will settle down and begin studying at Cambridge University-the real reason I am in Europe.  Cambridge is one of the top Universities in the world and offers some incredible courses in all areas of academia.  I am excited to be enrolled in the  business creativity and innovation course, as well as several others that I know will stretch my abilities and capabilities more than I ever thought was possible.  As I embark on my journey, I wish you each the best as you embark on yours-where ever and what ever it may be.  Maybe one day, if not already  we can meet and share our life experiences.  Adios!

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