The (Not so Good) Byes

My parents have been so incredible throughout the entire Oxford and Cambridge application process. They answered my late night calls, read through my application essays time and time again, and provided a listening ear when I needed someone to chat about all my life plans….As I traveled the four hours to the airport with my mom and brother I couldn’t help but realize how lucky I have it. My mom is the absolute most stellar woman in the world. I am so lucky to have such a great example to emulate everyday of my life. My brother will be attending BYU this summer and I am so excited for him! Sadly I will not be there to explain BYU’s short term lingo and make such he goes to class in the right room on the first day, but I am extremely proud of him and all his accomplishments! He is going to succeed at whatever he chooses to do. My sister Madison is an absolute beauty and I just can’t help but gasp every time I see her. She is talented beyond measure, and I am so excited to travel with her on several trips we have planned for this upcoming year! My youngest siblings Clayton and Talia just seem to grow up way to fast during the months we are apart. Talia is turning 9 this wednesday and Clayton has matured into a sly little 12 year old…oh, how I am going to miss their laughs and screams. My Daddy is the most encouraging man I know. Just this weekend he drove nearly 6 to take Madison to a basketball practice in Washington… he honestly makes his children feel like they can do anything. Thank you for giving me the confidence to pursue my dreams… Whoop! They just called “Boarding Group 3” over the loud-speaker…Here I come Beautiful Ole’ England!



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