The City Narrows

28 June 2013 Ana is a doll. She makes meals for us whenever we are home, and when I say meal I mean MEAL. As Dr. Hoffmire would say, at Ana's we DINE. Everything she makes us is very healthy, and I am so grateful for it. Ana knows that Kailey's family is very healthy [...]

Linda Lisboa

27 June 2013 We have had more blessings today than I ever thought was imaginable. It is incredible how kind people are and how willing they are to help. This entire week in Portugal, as well as my entire time in Europe, I have been blessed with both big and small tender mercies that have [...]


26 June 2013 Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Sunburns hurt. Sunburns are not fun. Sunburns hurt. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Well I am burnt to a crisp. I feel like a half baked lays potato chip... It probably was not the smartest thing to face the Portuguese sun head on in the middle of June with no sunscreen. [...]

Seaside Sauna

25 June 2013 Oh how I love the Portuguese. Honestly, I LOVE Portugal. The people are amazing and the language is beautiful. I am kind of upset that my father did not speak more Portuguese to me in the home because I wish dearly that I could communicate with the people here. I have decided [...]

Obrigada Portugal

24 June 2013 Hello Olá. Bom dia a todos. Saudações de Portugal! The three amigas... The beach (playa) is Bonita. Last night we stayed with one of Kailey's dads really good friends here in Lagos. He is married with three beautiful daughters. They live in a beautiful and spacious home only 5 MINUTES from the [...]

Life is a Highway

23 June 2013 Life is a highway. I wanna ride it all night long. The view of our sleeping accommodations on the patio of Amaria and Antonio. It was a beautiful opportunity to enjoy nature and smell the sweet air of Spain all night long. What an adventure life has been thus far. I woke [...]