Back in Beautiful England

8 June 2013

I just landed in England, and my stomach is already filled with butterflies of anticipation. I knew I loved England, but I forgot how much I REALLY REALLY love England. It is a miraculous place, with some of the best people I know. It just hit me that in less than a day I will be at Oxford University, something that I have always dreamed about since I was a little girl. As I left France it felt like my journey was ending, but as soon as I touched foot in England…I realized that my adventures are just beginning! Tonight I will stay with Bishop White (my first Bishop at BYU). Him and his wife have been so kind to me, I have been lucky to have them in my life. I will attend church with them tomorrow and then we will travel on to Oxford, they have been kind enough to offer to bring me to the University tomorrow.

I honestly don’t know what to think of this all. So much is happening and has happened in one summer, it is incredible. As I look back on all my blogs on the experiences I have had, it has been amazing. I am going to do my best to keep up my blog daily while I am at Oxford. I will be really busy, I can already tell you that, but I will have better access to wifi and will have my laptop so I will be able to do so much more! There is something so fascinating about being here. I know I rant on and on about how the city I am currently in is my favorite, but I am telling you know that England is my favorite country no questions asked… It’s sophistication, beauty, mysteries, and diversity make it a great place to live.

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