Oxford in Red!

17 June 2013


I have decided I need to dress more professionally. Being exposed to such a professional environment here at Oxford has not only revealed to me the room for growth in intellectual areas, but in many many many other areas as well. Leather shoes, ironed pants and jackets, perfectly aligned socks, and colors that perfectly complement each other… Maybe someday I will catch on? My next purchase is going to be some nice pair of leather Oxfords. Oxfords from Oxford, isn’t that something!

It is such a neat thing to have so many great people here at Oxford to interact with on an everyday basis. We were able to eat lunch with Dr. Reed, one of our lecturers from last week about Innovation and the Enlightenment. We met up at the White Horse Pub, five of us from BYU and Dr. Reed. He is one of the most knowledgable men I have ever met on the subject of history. He offered such intellectual yet humble company, we were sad to have to part after our pleasing lunch. As students at BYU we represent the church, and interactions such as this with astounding people in the world are the type of interactions that are going to move the work of the church forward.

Today I was a rebel and bought a nice BRIGHT RED Oxford sweatshirt. They had a blue option but because I have always purchased and been given blue sweatshirts due to the colors of the schools I have attended and attend, purchasing red gave me a little more of an adrenaline rush. I love that Oxford is such a tangible thing in my life right now…I never imagined it would ever be this close.

It is crazy to think that this is my last week here at Oxford. Time has flown by so quickly and it has been such a great experience. I have been so blessed in so many ways by simple tender mercies that have occurred. Sometimes I don’t realize the miracles that are happening in my life as they pass by without any thought about how blessed I truly am. I have learned so much about myself and have begun to understand what direction I want to take my life in the future. It is incredible to be with people everyday who build you up and make you stretch your capabilities and strengthen your weaknesses every moment.

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