Life is a Highway

23 June 2013

Life is a highway. I wanna ride it all night long.

The view of our sleeping accommodations on the patio of Amaria and Antonio. It was a beautiful opportunity to enjoy nature and smell the sweet air of Spain all night long.

What an adventure life has been thus far. I woke up to the beautiful fresh air and tiny little ants climbing all over my face. It was a good nights rest and I was loving every moment of the cultural experience I was having, even the ants on my face.

We went to Sunday school at the church just down the street. I was able to understand many of the words that were spoken during the meeting and realized how much of a blessing it would be to be able to fully know the language. My plans always change, literally everyday, but I know that next summer I will be doing an international internship somewhere…right now I am just evaluating where I would like that to be (as in what language I would like to learn and culture I would like to experience). Being a part of the Spanish and Portuguese cultures this next week I know is going to sway me away from the French culture for internship opportunities, but then once I return to France I will once again fall in love with them. Awe…the never ending battle of changing sides. Sorry France, Spain, and Portugal, you all just pull at me in too many different directions!

Church was great, partly because there was this really cute missionary who sat in front of us the entire sacrament meeting. Afterwords I made it a point to confront him and see where he was from (of course hoping he was American, or could speak English). Elder Steichle was his name and his English was perfect but it turns out he was from Germany, born in Freiburg to be exact. I was just in Freiburg exploring the Black Forest a short two weeks ago. He speaks four languages, German, English, French, and Spanish and his personality was just as cute as his outer appearance. He plans on coming to BYU after his mission finishes in one year so… never know 😉




After church we had a wonderful meal at Antonio and Amalia (not Maria as I mentioned in my last post)’s home. We had Jamon also known as Prosciutto. To Americans I would describe it as a type of cured ham jerky with lots and lots of zesty flavor. We ate it with hard baguette type of cracker and it was delicious. The other dishes in our meal included a type of spaghetti, hotdog sausage links, a cauliflower carrot and egg casserole, and a flavored rice bowl. The ingredients are similar to food we have in the states but the flavor is way Way WAY better. I can’t even describe it besides saying it is beyond AMAZING. If you get the chance, take your next trip to Southern Spain and Portugal…

Antonio and Amalia were incredible to us and I am thankful they let us stay in their beautiful home. Ana and her friends were also so kind to us and I am excited to see where their life’s adventures take them…


As I type I am sitting on a bus on the way to Lagos Portugal where we will stay for the next couple of days and enjoy the sunshine and beautiful beaches. I am anxious to experience Portuguese culture, and I am excited to share what I have learned with my father who experience nearly two full years of Portuguese culture when he was my age a rough 28 years ago. He wasn’t in Portugal, but was in Brazil serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He would love to be here in Portugal with me and I would be anxious to see just how much of the language he can still understand and speak. As I observe all the people who live in Southern Spain and Portugal, I realize that my dad actually looks a lot like the people here. He could easily pass as being Spanish or Portuguese. I love my dad and I look for qualities that he has in people that I would eventually date and marry, maybe this is why I find the Spaniards and Portuguese to be so attractive…They are just such a beautiful people….I will stop now because I know that my mother is probably loving reading this right now.



We entered Portugal! This the 17th European country that I have been to. It is exciting to experience such an amazing place, not to mention such a warm place. I LOVE THE WARMTH.
It is so beautiful here, I cannot wait to spend all day on the beach tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Life is a Highway

    1. Love you. Enjoy your new Ipad! My mother told me she was headed over to your house today, so give her and my sister a big hug for me 🙂

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