Clean Slate

30 July 2013 I have a certain love for the feeling of 'brand new'. Today I felt like that as I woke up from my midday nap. The entire evening before was spent frantically finishing up my essay for Creativity and Business Innovation. From the moment Wicked ended and I stepped out of the Theater [...]

Summer Lovin’

28 July 2013 Sundays spent in London have become one of my favorite past times. Everyone at church is so friendly and they each have incredible life stories. I love coming here. Today we walked all the way from Maida Vale to Exhibition Road where the Hyde Park Chapel is. It is about an hour [...]

Abbey Road

27 July 2013 London never fails to awe me. It is that kind of city. It's charm and splendor just gets better and better every time you visit. Everyone probably expected me to stay in Cambridge, locked up in my little room trying to recover from my swollen tonsil. With only 3 weekends left in [...]

White Walled Expanse

26 July 2013 Travel Writing Essay: The White Walled Expanse All that white stares back at me with with its blank face. It screams nothingness, complete nothingness. The only diversion from the emptiness arises in the stains that speckle its surface from years of encounters with the outside world. Walls are meant to be vibrant, [...]

Battle With My Eyes

25 July 2013 There are no clinics in Britain, only the "Surgery". I am afraid that my uncooperative tonsils are back. At the end of winter semester, just a mere 4 months ago I experience a paratonsisillar abscess - one of the most painful things I have every experienced in my life. Unfortunately today I [...]