Volio Parlari Portuguese…Not Italian.

11 July 2013


All my hard work translating, down the drain…


Did you know that tutti means all in Italian not Portuguese? And that che means what in Italian and not portuguese? Did you know also that Libro means book in italian and not PORTUGUESE? And did you know that I just spent the last week reading the Book of Mormon in Italian and NOT PORTUGUESE and had no idea I was doing it? I thought it kind of strange that every word I looked up on google included some reference of Italia, and that every word I looked up in my little Portuguese dictionary just happened to not be in there… Oh I am doomed… How will I ever learn Portuguese?! I did take one great lesson away from this mishap, and that is that I can generally read Italian. As a latin based language it is very similar to both Portuguese and Spanish, and even has similarities with French. Thank you high school Spanish for giving me just enough to understand the context of latin languages…but not giving me enough to differentiate which latin language it is. Now I will forget this ever happened and move on to reading my hard covered Portuguese Book of Mormon that looks exactly like my hard covered Italian Book of Mormon.


This Spider was at least the size of my big toe…AWWW!

Giant spiders. Old Libraries. Late nights. Story of my life the last few days. Watch out, J K Rowling is going to have to write another book in her series because she left me out… Everyday I have deja vu of something Harry Potter related because everything at Cambridge reminds me of Hogwarts… If only I had a flying broomstick and a wand I would be complete.


Studying away in the Library…

I cannot believe that the second week of Cambridge has already drawn to an end. This weekend Kailey and I head off to London to check out both the US and Portuguese Embassies and explore the life, culture, and history of one of the best cities in the world. I LOVE London and hope that I can always, always come back to visit it. We have some grand adventures planned that involve antique shopping, people watching, site seeing, and best of all attending a show in West End. We are still coming up with what show we are going to watch…but whatever it is, I am stoked!

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