Abbey Road

27 July 2013



London never fails to awe me. It is that kind of city. It’s charm and splendor just gets better and better every time you visit. Everyone probably expected me to stay in Cambridge, locked up in my little room trying to recover from my swollen tonsil. With only 3 weekends left in England, there was no way I was ever going to do that. I wanted to explore more, I wanted to get out of that plain white walled room of mine. So here I am in London once again writing from the lovely home of Brother and Sister White looking out their large bay windows as the pouring rain hits the pavement between the bursts of lightning and cracks of thunder. Today was a great day. After numerous trips to London I was finally able to visit Abbey Road and take “the photo”. Kailey and I were not large enough to recreated the Beatle Posey of George, Paul, Ringo, and Lenin, but I did not let that stop me. You will never miss Abbey road because both side of the streets are lined with crazed fans waiting for a slight break in traffic in which they can run out into the street and imitate the cover of on of the greatest albums in history. I was lucky. There were four young girls from Argentina who had dressed up perfectly as one of each of the Beatles. The second, imitating Paul, even had her shoes off and a cigarette in her hand. You could tell they had practiced their positioning upon arrival for once they ran out in the road, it looked as if the Beatles had come back to life-this time as women…haha. Seeing my black pants and an opportunity like this, I struck up a conversation with the girls and later found myself with “George’s” black jacket as the third member in the “great Beatle photoshoot.” After more than a handful trips to London I had finally got my photo at Abbey Road, and I even got to sign the famous wall outside of the Abbey Road Studio. Life is Complete.





For the rest of the evening we wandered around the surrounding area of Maida Vale, walking by the birth place of Cricket where one of its largest stadiums now stands, and strolling down the canals filled with beautiful little vacation boats on the way to Little Venice. Seeing the beauty of the colorful boats lining the canal made me miss Venice. It made me miss Italy. Kailey and I sat on the railing of the bridge overlooking the canal, just enjoying the beauty of the scenery around us. The weather forecast had predicted rain in the evening, and after holding out on us for the pat several hours, we began to feel the first little raindrops. We were prepared to battle it with umbrellas and raincoats so it was no big deal when the rain began to pick up. We continued our walk under the elevated highway to the Kensington Gardens, a beautiful area in Hyde Park. The gardens are designed after the Italian Gardens of the Romans and are absolutely stunning. We would of stayed longer soaking in the scene, but by then our bodies had already done enough soaking up of the pouring rain around me and we decided to head back. We had wandered around for the past several hours, but walking back in a straight shot only took about 40 minutes. It was on the walk back that the real storm began with lightning that ignited the sky and thunder that deadened everything in its tracks. Two of my favorite memories from back home are cuddling by the fire in a warm blanket after a long day out in the snow, and watching the lightning storms of Northern Idaho that are oh-too-perfect…




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