Run with the Touros

29 August 2013 Welcome to the party! Bem Vendos a festa! Guess what? Today I saw my first glimpse of "running with the bulls". For the next several weeks there are numerous festivals going on throughout Lisbon, and tonight was the first of them! After an incredible meal of the best bread, chicken, and salad [...]

Lots of Peixe

28 August 2013 I never thought I would like Squid. Well, one day in Portugal has changed that... It is absolutely delicious. Portuguese seafood is the best in the world! Fish or Peixe (in Portuguese) is delicious here! I love it... Trust me, it looks better cooked than raw. The family we are staying with [...]

Parisian Rain

25 August 2013 It's raining, its pouring, the old man is snoring. He bunked his head, fell out of bed, and couldn't get up until the morning... Nursery rhymes and Disney movies make like world keep spinning. I love the little things in life that bring so much cheer and joy into our lives. Tonight, [...]

Oh La La

24 August 2013 I just can't come to grips with the fact that some people do not absolutely love this city. I have never been in a place that feels so charming and sophisticated. It is such a wonderful place to explore; getting lost in Paris is one of the best things you should do [...]