Modern Stardust

1 August 2013,

Today I learned that I am made up of 400 billion particles of star dust and that eventually black holes will be used as a way to time travel… Yep, that is what they teach at Cambridge.

Lord Martin Rees, a prior Trinity professor, spoke with us today about a ‘Cosmic Perspective on the 21st Century’. Every Tuesday and Thursday, Cambridge hosts a plenary lecture in the Union Society building. They bring in people from around the world who are in the top of their fields, to express their discoveries and theories with us. Today, the lecture was extra exciting–all about the world and its interactions with solar system. We learned a basic timeline of human interaction with space, beginning with Russia’s exploration and followed shortly after by the USA, whom felt the need to compete. He spoke about how our planet is different from the rest of the bodies in our solar system and how our solar system is only one galaxy in a universe that holds millions of others. Let me just say that I sure felt small when the lecture was over…

One thought on “Modern Stardust

  1. Yep, your Trinity professor Lord Martin Rees has discovered what Abraham learned from the Lord thru’ the Urim and Thummim and is recorded in the Pearl of Great Price in Abraham, Chapter 3. I wonder what reaction Brother Rees would have if he were to read the account?

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