The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

7 August 2013

I usually remember to carry my camera around with me, but lately I have been terrible about it. Today was the first day in a week that I grabbed it, but I forgot to put the memory card in it. And it was Formal Hall night to night–a sad time to not have a working camera. I have been slacking on taking pictures of the great things that are happening here, and lately I have been very inconsistent writing about the great experiences I am having. But, “Things will change” (Taylor Swift lyrics) and I will be more accountable to myself from here on out.
Myself, Alessandra, and Kailey waiting for for Formal Hall to begin.

Crazy has been the theme of the day. I woke up thinking I was going to be taking an early bus into London to visit my favorite place of all time–the Portuguese Embassy (that was a joke), but every single credit card I used, my mom (whom I called out of frustration) used, Kailey used, and Kailey’s mom used, would absolutely not work. As we tried over and over to discover the problem we watched as the prices crept up and up and up until we finally got so frustrated we gave up hope and decided to figure out a plan for the weekend.

Let me explain the Portuguese embassy situation. On the second weekend of Cambridge term, early July, Kailey and I made a trip to London to visit the embassy and do a bit of sight-seeing. That friday we bumped around from the Portugal Embassy, to the Portuguese Consulate, to the US embassy, and finally back to the Portuguese Consulate. Every time we spoke with someone about what we needed to do they dished us off to someone else who could help us. Finally the man at the door of the Portuguese Consulate (we were absolutely not allowed to go inside to speak with someone who actually knew what they were doing without an appointment) informed us that the “Visa Lady” was on vacation for two weeks and that he could not help us. He then mustered up his pride to give me a small paper with a website that I go to, fill out the application, and come back when they emailed me about an appointment. That is exactly what I did, and four weeks later–no email. Nothing. Nada. That is why I need to go to the consulate ASAP and figure this entire scenario out. Hopefully this time, they will let me in the actual building.
Myself, and my wonderful Italian friend–whose name I cannot spell

Anxious about what is going to happen with my visa, yet relieved that I was not going to make a rushed trip to London in the middle of the week–I started my day with an early morning run and instruction (class) in the Kings College Art room. It felt so good to get out and run again. I have felt so burdened down with tasks that “have to be done”, that I have forgotten to do the things that really allow me to relax and enjoy all the beauty I have in my life. Running is the best way to start off a day. After thanking God for my wonderful life, brushing my teeth, reading a few verses out of his scriptures, and completing my CS lewis “imitations” from Dr. Steinberg, I put on my sneakers and hit the trail along the river Cam. It was so beautiful. I was killing myself the entire time for not having my camera. The way that the reflection of the sky and trees sparkled in the water was miraculous. I felt like I was running through the trails of Western America during the time of Pocahontas:

“Come run the hidden pine trails of the forest
Come taste the sunsweet berries of the Earth
Come roll in all the riches all around you
And for once, never wonder what they’re worth”

I was running the hidden pine trails of the forest, and it felt incredible. I Attended art class directly after, I finishing my run literally right outside the door of the art room. The rest of the morning was spent, “Painting with the colors of the wind”–or at least striving to. I have started mastering the art of mixing colors, but actually putting them on the paper to look like anything has been a real struggle.

The afternoon was spent dedicated to studying, and chatting with some great friends in much needed breaks. At 6, I broke from the library, and headed back to my dorm to begin preparing for the fourth Formal Hall of the term. I was to attend Kings again, my favorite dining hall in the entire world. There is just something magical about dressing up to go and enjoy a nice evening meal out with friends.

I have decided that I want to learn to do hair

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