Monty Python?

9 August 2013

Guess where I am spending my weekend? London! Once again I have found myself journeying to the city of European wonder, the place where so much history began. …I am lucky to have made it here because all week I have been trying to get my credit card to work on the megabus website and eventually had to resort to taking the train.

According to Kailey, cheese makes everything better…


We found this cute little alley as we were wondering around London… The above window was the home of Monty Python.

The Portuguese Embassy has become one of my least favorite places in the entire continent of Europe. Alright, that isn’t hard because I love everything in Europe, but still–I really despise the embassy. Why? For so, so, so many reasons. Number one, they do not offer any help or guidance to anyone! They have a horrible website, they do not answer my emails, they ignore my calls, and when I appear in person to visit them-they tell me to go to a website and figure things out. Really? Really? REALLY? Number two, they tell you to do the same things over and over again. I was told to re-complete the application online and come back on Monday with it printed out first thing in the morning. It was frustrating to be sent away once again without any new information. All I could do was do what he said and pray that the Visa lady would let me in to see her on Monday. Usually you have to book appointments two weeks out, but because I had been into the embassy one month ago and had still made no progress as to what I was supposed to do–he must of made an exception. Number three, do not leave without getting as much information as you can because they will not answer your emails or phone calls. I cannot believe how hard the Embassy is to get a hold of. Not once yet have I been able to get an answer to a phone call or email.

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