Portuguese in Hyde Park

11 August 2013

Another Sunday in London, another fabulous day. It was a unique experience for me because Kailey and I attended the Hyde Park Portuguese ward! I was doing good understanding bits and pieces throughout sacrament meeting. But by the end my brain was so fried that I could not concentrate during the Sunday School and Relief Society lessons. I focused on picking out individual words in the lessons and trying to break down the sentences into a series or words rather than a string of nonsense. It was great fun, and I am so excited to be able to live in Portugal for the next four months and actually learn the language! Woohoo!

Afterwards Kailey and I walked up and down Exhibition Road, where the church is located and where many of the best British museums are. We decided to go into the Victoria and Albert Museum and were pleasantly surprised with all the ‘fun’ exhibits they had. It is the most “girly” museum I have been in thus far–so fun! There were exhibits of Jewelry, textiles, instruments, theatre costumes, and so much more. It felt as if I were walking into a giant boutique full of the most exquisite collections from around the world. My favorite was a ‘Fashion through time’ exhibit that showed the evolution of European fashion from the 1600s to the present. I decided that my favorite era is Europe in the 1920s. Everything about that style is just so classy and feminine. It made me very excited to go back to Paris, where much of the style from that era took off–

1920 fashion. The era with the best style.

I loved walking through the theatrical and musical exhibits. This was one of my favorite musical instruments on display.

This is a famous statue, everyone was taking pictures of it so I thought I had better as well.

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