15 August 2013

Myself and Dr. Steinberg, and incredible man from whom I have learned so much. He has been my European History professor over the past 8 weeks.

Andrew, the Police Officer, at Cambridge became a dear friend in less than 15 minutes. Yesterday I went in to the Cambridge Police Station to get my fingerprints stamped onto the FBI background sheet. I was told that they could not get me in until next tuesday and that it would cost 71 pound 50 pence. That is over $120. Andrew was explaining to me that they were booked out because he was the only one who could administer them, and that the cost of the fingerprints was ridiculous-he even realized that. He said, “That is down-right robbery, that’s what it is.” He is right, the fingerprints take maybe 15 minutes and you do the entirely yourself, yet they cost an arm and a leg. In talking with the FBI, they informed me over and over again to make sure to do them right- or you must do them again and start the entire process over again. I cannot afford, time and money wise, to have that happen. I arranged an appointment for next tuesday with a pit in my stomach about waiting that long to get them done.

To make a long story short, Kailey called the Police Station, once I told her my appointment would not be until tuesday, and arranged for me to go in the following day (today) at half-past ten to get fingerprinted. Honestly, I do not know what I would do without that girl–she has saved my back SO MANY TIMES. I went into get fingerprinted, and Andrew was surprised to see me back so early. I explained the situation and he kindly escorted me into the back where he set up the finger print station. He was right, it is down right robbery. I did the entire process myself, with him offering a few words here and there for ‘moral support’. When it was all through and after checking with him at least 10 times to make sure everything was absolutely correct, I offered him my cash that I had just got out of the ATM that morning. In all my worrying about whether or not the fingerprints would be adequate enough for the FBI to accept them, he ensured me that if they were not he would have me come back in to get fingerprinted again-free of charge. The problem was that I was in a time crunch and could not afford for the fingerprints to not be acceptable and be sent back, plus the fact that I will be leaving Cambridge in nearly a week and will not be able to come back to get re-fingerprinted. He listened intently to everything I had to say and let me just say that his next gesture was another little miracle in my life illustrating just how much God is watching out for me. He did not take the money. He had no reason not to. I had the exact amount counted out, I had thanked him for all his help, and my hand was extended out waiting for him to just grab out and receive it. Yet, he did not take the money. He was the little miracle I needed right then and there to remind me that everything was going to be alright. Thank you Andrew.

My Visa pictures, fingers crossed that it will one day actually be in my hands. That day just seems so far away…

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