Food Raid

21 August 2013

It is sad how everything comes to an end just as soon as it begins. Tomorrow is my last day in Cambridge, England. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and have developed a love for this quant little city. This morning Kailey and I ran to Granchester Meadows. It was bittersweet to feel the sweet breeze and fell the tall grass of the meadow brush against me as I ran. The cows were out and the sun was just peaking through the clouds. We made it to the meadows and walked along the edge of the River Cam. It was so peaceful to listen to the birds sing and gaze at the beautiful reflection of the trees in the water. I am going to miss this place so much. We ran on to a cute little cottage at the end of the meadows and I literally felt like I was in some kind of fairytale world. Everything was just like I pictured it to be. One the run back, we found a patch of blackberries on the side of the path and decided that we should pick some to put in our oatmeal–our usual morning meal. It was well worth the purple stained hands, to run all the way back with our fists clenched full of these plump berries. I haven’t had oatmeal that good in a long while.

16 yogurts, 8 smoothies, 25 sandwiches, and 40 apples later, the fridge in our apartment is jammed full of all Kailey and I’s food that we have been hoarding.



My meal card has so much extra money on it that for the past week I have been stocking up on all the food I possibly can–in hopes that I can shove it in the extra room in my suitcases and bring it to Paris with me. I am determined not to leave a single cent on my meal card before I leave. I plan on taking any food that I cannot bring with me to the homeless shelter here in Cambridge–there is probably someone else out there who loves cold sandwiches, yogurt, and apples more than I…as unlikely as that sounds.

The cambridge Union Society–where I spent the entire 60 pounds left on my meal card purchasing 20 sandwiches…

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