Great Gatsby Night

22 August 2013



Top: 2013 BYU PKP group; Middle: Chelsey, Hanna, Mariah, and myself jumping with excitement for Formal Hall; Bottom: Modeling my painting at end of the semester Art Exhibit

Wow. Time flies by faster than words can describe. I cannot believe that my time at Cambridge is coming to a close this evening. I turned in my final paper and finished up my business plans for my supervision. It is a weird feeling to not have something on my mind that I know needs to get done by a certain deadline and to a certain level of perfection. Just before the clock struck noon, I turned in my final essay for European History. It was the best feeling in the world. I had the rest of the afternoon to relax, visit museums, and even do a bit of shopping at Primark–one of my favorite clothing stores in the entire world. My wardrobe was not prepared to spend 8 months in Europe, and it wasn’t going to last much longer. I leave for Paris in the morning and I insist on looking like someone who actually understands Parisian culture and style. Although I have a long ways to go, I absolutely refuse to look like an American tourist. No white tennis shoes, no “American” blue jeans, and no souvenir T-shirts. If being in Europe has only taught me one thing, it is that the average American does not understand how to dress decently. I have A LONG WAYS to go, but by the time I return back to the states, I hope to have a firm grasp on timeless style. London and Paris are what they are, because they are timeless. I hope to understand that concept someday too.


Above: Maddie working her wonders on Leslie’s hair; The group of Maddie’s clients and their beautiful hair; A shot of the back of our hair


Above: Posing with Mr. Adam–thee best guitar player that has ever worn a top hat; Posing with Mr. Griffin Brown–one of the funniest boys I know; Close-up of Griffin’s GQ style…

My last Formal Hall was in Pembroke and it was incredible. As the last time I would see many of my friends, I took advantage of the opportunity to spend one last great evening together. The food was delicious, and the conversations were full of excitement for the future yet sadness over the fact that in a few days we will all be splitting our own ways. The after party was Great Gatsby themed, and so everyone showed up to the Formal Hall in their 1920s best. Last Christmas my little sister Talia got me one of my favorite presents I have received thus far. We both share a love of Taylor Swift, and find joy in jamming out to her songs with a guitar and microphone in hand. When I opened my gift that Christmas morning, I found a beautiful dress dazzling with gold and silver sequins. It was just like the dress that Taylor swift wore on her Fearless tour. I brought that dress with me to Europe, and was waiting for just the right moment to pull it out and wear it. That moment came tonight; it was the perfect 1920s flapper dress. I thought of Talia all evening, thankful for how lucky I have been to have such great sisters. Both my sisters are younger than I, yet are examples to me in so many ways. I miss them.


Above: Wearing my “Taylor Swift” dress that Talia got for me; a close up of an antique Polaroid camera that my friend Emily brought with her to Cambridge from NYC–where she studies photography; a preview of Pembroke’s formal hall vegetarian option–

Just as I miss my sisters, I am going to miss everyone whom has made my Cambridge experience absolutely incredible. I have made some of the greatest friends of my life here in England, and I can’t believe that after tomorrow we will all split our own ways. It just doesn’t seem real that two months has already gone by. It seems just like yesterday that I gave my mom a big hug at the airport, telling her to stop her crying; I would be home shortly. Those four months have gone by faster than I ever thought was possible. Although I have extended my adventures another four months, those will fly by just as fast as the first and I will once again be embarking on a new adventure. For those of you who have influenced my life greatly through the past 8 weeks at Cambridge and become dear friends that I will never forget, thank you. And for those of you who thought I would be coming back to the states next week, know that I will miss you dearly. Know that I love you and will be thinking of you as I continue my journey here in Europe as I am studying in Lisbon. I will be back shortly, I promise. Time will fly quicker than we both think, trust me.

Another Group Shot…

My lovely ladies…

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