Oh La La

24 August 2013




I just can’t come to grips with the fact that some people do not absolutely love this city. I have never been in a place that feels so charming and sophisticated. It is such a wonderful place to explore; getting lost in Paris is one of the best things you should do while here. The people here always act so confident. There is something about the Parisian Walk that everyone just seems to have. I love watching the people as they stroll down the street. Everything about them– what they wear, how they speak, and what they do, –they sure are French!




This is my second trip to Paris and it just seems to get better every time I come. You can never get tired of seeing the Eiffel Tower, and strolling down the narrow side streets in Montemarte. Today we rented bikes and went everywhere! We saw the Eiffel Tower, watched some bicycle parkore, biked along the Seine River crossing nearly every bridge. We visited the Louvre, walked to the Opera House, and biked the narrow streets to Montemarte–where we saw what real Paris is like while getting a beautiful view over the city. Montemarte is a district in Paris that is situated on a hill with a beautiful view of the surrounding city. Sacre Cour is a huge cathedral set on the top of the hill, surrounded by a beautiful plaza filled with street artists and traditional little French cafes and bakeries–just like you would picture in the movies.




I wish I would of discovered how fun biking is in cities. If I would of known about this when I was in London–I can just imagine all the things I could of done. My favorite part of the day was biking from place to place and feeling the wind blowing through my hair as I traveled through the different Parisian districts. It got a little bit sketchy the few times I was almost hit by a bus, but other than that the day was great. Kailey and I biked down Charles De Gaul Avenue late in the evening from the Louvre to the Arc De Triumph and then made our way down to the Eiffel tower just in time to watch the lights sparkle as the clock struck 11. It is such a beautiful sight to see all the twinkling lights go on for minutes–a beautiful scene against the paris skyline.

There is something about this city that just cannot be touched. It is a place where everything that seems like a fairytale is actually true. The beauty and charm of this city can never be dampened. Paris is just so romantic, and when my life has some romanticism–I am coming back here! I see all the cute couples walking down the streets, hand-in-hand, and laughing like there is no tomorrow–how can a girl not just dream of something like this in her life?? One day, not too soon in the future tho, I will have the perfect boy and I will bring him to Paris and we will walk hand-in-hand and laugh together like there is no tomorrow.


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