Parisian Rain

25 August 2013



It’s raining, its pouring, the old man is snoring. He bunked his head, fell out of bed, and couldn’t get up until the morning…

Nursery rhymes and Disney movies make like world keep spinning. I love the little things in life that bring so much cheer and joy into our lives. Tonight, after a long day tromping through the rain, we sat and watched Anastasia in our cute little Parisian apartment with organic popcorn and dark chocolate. Nothing gets better than that. All day the rain poured and poured and poured, and we were drenched. It was a great day, yet very tiring. By end of the evening I was so grateful to be able to take off my shoes and be in a nice dry, warm place.

Pauline is one incredible girl! She met up with Kailey and I, and later Spencer, and took us around all of Paris. It was so great! I am so lucky to have such an incredible friend, who is willing to take me all around Paris in the pouring rain…despite my constant complaining of my wet feet. It was cold and wet yet she insisted on taking Kailey, Spencer, and I everywhere that she had planned to take us. Pauline is the type of person that makes me love Paris. She is kind and caring to everyone around her, and she is just so enjoyable to be with no matter what the situation is.

Today she took us to Notre Dame, The islands, the Louvre, and many fun streets that make Paris–PARIS. It was so great, and I learned so much from all her knowledge of the city. It is great to know a local.

We went to church in French in a building right near Notre Dame. It was great to be able to listen, once again, to church in a different language.


I will admit, I was a bit of a baby today. But my feet we so wet and so cold, I just couldn’t handle it. I thought that I could get away with wearing my “cute” shoes around Paris, but never again will I sacrifice comfort for beauty. My shoes were soaking less than 5 minutes after I stepped out the door. I brought an extra pair of socks because I knew that I would probably need them, but I didn’t think that the water would soak through my shoes that quick.

And we saw Papa Noel in the train station today…

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