Latin Corridor and District 13

26 August 2013



I have debated for a long time whether to start or end my week with Sunday. Sunday is by far my favorite day of the week, and that is not just because it is a day of rest where I have no work or no school. Sundays are my favorite days, because they are the days when I reflect back upon the past week, the past month, the past year, and my life–and realize what I have done to become who I am. I try to understand what things I do that progress me down the path of growth and keep doing those things, while filtering out all the bad habits I have picked up along the way. I have decided that I would like to end my weeks with sundays, because it is a day of reflection. I am a goal seeker. In my mind, if I save the best day for last, the entire rest of my week is that much more influential as to how productive I am. Mondays are the kick-starter, and Sundays are the end of the track.



Today is a monday, and it couldn’t have been better. Kailey and I met up with Pauline once again and we walked nearly every street in Paris. I still cannot believe how much we saw today.

Paris inter city is split into 20 districts. By the end of our time here, I am sure that we will have visited nearly every district in Paris. Today Pauline took us to the Latin Corridor and district 13. The Latin Corridor is in the SouthEastern part of Paris, and is the place where most of the Universities are located. Pauline attends school at SciencePo, a school in the Latin Corridor. The reason why this area is called the Latin Corridor, is because all the schools in this area used to be required to teach in Latin. This is no longer a requirement any more, but the name has still stuck.



District 13 is Pauline’s favorite district, and I must admit that I agree with her. It is a gorgeous part of Paris that is hidden from the eye of tourists. The streets are cobbled, and they wind up and down through the urban development of homes, shops, and schools. I still cannot fathom how old everything is here.

We walked so much that towards the end of the evening we were really starting to feel our muscles scream at us. After Kailey and I split from Pauline, we decided to buy some bread and cheese, and go eat dinner on the Island where Notre Dam stands. On our walk there, the sun was just beginning to set, creating a dazzling display of pink and orange lights that spread across the sky. It was absolutely gorgeous! We ate our bread and cheese on the banks of the Seine River and watched the boats go by with their lights and music streaming out into the hazy night.



The Eiffel Tower is always so beautiful at night. It sparkles on every hour, and it is absolutely gorgeous. How could you ever get tired of seeing that? I have decided that it would be incredible to come and study in this city! One day, one day…

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