Run with the Touros

29 August 2013

Welcome to the party! Bem Vendos a festa!





Guess what? Today I saw my first glimpse of “running with the bulls”. For the next several weeks there are numerous festivals going on throughout Lisbon, and tonight was the first of them! After an incredible meal of the best bread, chicken, and salad I have ever had, we headed out with the Maroco family to the downtown part of Palmela where the festival was taking place. It was incredible!!! Portuguese music was playing everywhere and at the end of the everyone surrounded a fenced in area where a bull was let loose. Anyone was free to go inside and try to provoke the bull (Touro) without getting hurt–that is what they do for fun here!



Some of the crazy (maluco) foods that we saw at the festival. Chorico, octopi, and fried pig fat. Chorico is actually really good, it is a very famous sausage here in Portugal. The other things…I think I am going to save them for the others to try.

Temporarily Kailey and I are staying with the Maroco family. Diana and Luis are some of the greatest people I know. They live just outside Lisbon in a city called Palmela, in one of the most beautiful homes I have ever seen. They have two daughters, Margarida and Rita, who are the cutest things you have ever seen, and no one in the family speaks more than a few words of English. To make the situation even better, this family has traveled ALL AROUND THE WORLD. Each year they take a many trips, one being a trip about a month long to a different continent where they pretty much “backpack” around with their two daughters. They are awesome! This year they went to Madrid, New York, Las Angeles, Las Vegas, and Moab–where they stayed with Kailey’s parents and agreed to house us until we found a place closer to ISCTE to temporarily stay. Last year they traveled all around Asia…

Margarida and Rita are so cute! I love hanging out with them and having them teach me Portuguese! Awesome (otimo)

One thought on “Run with the Touros

  1. I’m enjoying living your life thru’ your blog. It is the first thing I look at when I open my computer. I’m always thrilled when I see new posts. Thanks for taking the time to involve all of us in your life. What a terrific experience you are having. We miss you, but personally I’m so happy you are in “your space” in life. You were destine to become a great leader and example to others–and that you are!! Love You, Grandma

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