4 September 2013



Today I visited a vinha (or vineyard) where supposedly some of the best wine in the world is made-not like I would know. The grape vineyards are so precise, with every row symmetrical to those around it. I love grapes and have eaten plenty since I have been here. Their are hundreds of different kinds of grapes (uvas) here and they are all absolutely delicious. My favorite are a type of large green ones that are full of seeds–most of the grapes here have seeds, probably because they are so large. It is quite ironic that Portugal is known for beaches, where fit and tan men and women pace around in their pequena swimsuits, when it is sustained by its exports of wine, cheese, and olive oil–all the things that make it impossible to fit into that pequena swimsuit.

Once again, I spent the day in the sun out by the piscina, eating, and practicing my Portuguese. School at ISCTE starts in a little over a week and I am determined to have developed my Portuguese enough so that I can understand everything that is going on at the school (everything is written and conversed in Portuguese except their International Business School).

Vinha- grape vineyard

Oliveira-olive tree

Bacalhoa-a very famous wine company here in Portugal

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