I am Now a Maroco

8 September 2013

We stayed the night in Lisboa last night, and went to church early this morning. They are a nice family who knows Kailey’s parents really well. They speak Portuguese, obviously, so it has given me a good opportunity to listen and practice with some new people. I am understanding a lot more, and my speaking is coming slowly but surely…it is just going to take many more days speaking with Kailey in only Portuguese to get to where I want to be…

We have had little luck finding a family to stay with in Lisboa, and I have decided that it is because we are simply destined to stay with Luis, Diana, Margarida, and Rita in Palmela. They are simply too great to leave. It was a rough day at church. The entire time we were trying to combat all the old ladies wanting us to pay them a chunk of money to stay in their homes. They were all nice, but not exactly what we are looking for. We want two things, cheap and a family setting. Cheap because we are poor students, and a family because we want to experience all the culture that we possible can while we are here in Portugal, and for me that means learning Portuguese.

Anyways we did not even make it through the weekend before we accepted Luis and Diana’s invitation for them to come and pick us up from where we were staying. I guess we were just meant to be a part of their family for the next three months. They helped us clean out the rest of the things in the room we are staying in–and just like that we became a part of the Maroco family. When I realized that I was really going to be staying with them for the next little while I got sooooo excited. They are one of the most incredible families that I have ever met and I am so glad that I get to be around them for so long…I have a lot to learn from them (besides just the Portuguese). They have literally traveled the world, and they have done it together as a family! That is incredible! I hope to be in a position one day where I can do that with my family.



My newly designed room. Do you like it? Because I sure do!

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