Festa de Anos

18 Setembro 2013

I cannot believe that I am 21 years old! A girl could not have asked for a better birthday. I woke up to decorations throughout the house, a gift on the counter from my parents, and frozen blueberries in the fridge to eat with my oatmeal. IT does not get better than that. After my day ended at ISCTE, I returned home with Kailey to discover a dinner of fish and lots of vegetables ready for me to devour. I love that everyone around me realizes how much I love to eat healthy and I love how they do all they can to make it easy for me to do so. Diana, at the suggestion of my mother, even made me a cake out of watermelon and yogurt! It was so beautiful and it tasted so good! I opened my gifts to discover a beautiful scarf, a Portuguese cookbook, some organic face lotion, and a popcorn air popper! After I was sung to in Portuguese and given multiple kisses on either cheek–I decided that there is no other girl out there who is luckier than I. Thank you to EVERYONE for making my birthday so special!

I loved my gift from my parents! Thank you mom and dad…a shopping spree was very much needed by this girl!

Oatmeal with lots of fruit (including frozen blueberries) is all it takes to start my day of right.


They knew that I loved fish…and lots and lots of veggies!

The girls getting ready to enjoy a great (yet healthy) dinner.

I did not want to cut into my cake because it looked so perfect in one piece. This usually happens to me…but I had to sacrifice its beauty for my tastebuds that could not wait any longer to devour such a tasty treat…

It is tradition in Portugal to blow out your candles and then take them under the table, bite them, and make a wish. Can you guess what I wished for? …and yes, it has to do with a summer of traveling.

My incredible birthday cake solely of fruit and greek yogurt.


A few of my gifts from friends that I love.

Thank you to everyone, especially my great friend Kailey, for making my 21st birthday one that I will never forget!

One thought on “Festa de Anos

  1. Glad you had a good birthday. We thought about you all day.
    Love you, Grandma Brown.

    I’m so glad you had an awesome birthday! Kailey sure is a good friend. I love your watermelon cake! I’m sitting here with Grandma watching the BYU vs. Utah game!
    The years will only get better!! I love you! Mom

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