The World is an Ocean

23 Setembro 2013

The world is an ocean, and I am a tiny grain of sand sitting on its floor. Nevertheless, I have found that with time that tiny grain of sand has grown and I am now realizing its potential to become a genuine pearl. Yes the world is large from the perspective of some, but by simply taking a few steps in a different direction one will see that the world really is not as big as they think.

I have come to discover that there are so many different elements to our world; a few being, nature, man, and man’s contributions to that nature. I like to think of it as spirit and soul. The untouched outdoors is the soul of the earth, while the attributes man brings to it is the spirit. The world needs both to be, well…the world. I have had the time of my life experiencing both extremes, the absolute rural to the deep depths of urban–from the stars atop mountain peaks to the ghettos in Amadora, Lisboa. One brings peace, while the other brings urgency–both vital to survive and strengthen the world we live in.

To decide between the two extremes is like, at least for me, trying to choose between either chocolate or peanut butter. Both are absolutely drawing, yet both are so different. You cannot deny that the feeling of hiking over a ridge to a pristine valley view, or lying under the stars in a enormous valley secluded from everything you have ever known. It brings a sense of purpose, love, and peace, to who you are and who you want to be. It puts life in perspective. Yet, the stillness and quietness must be battled by something.

The city. The urban. People. We are all human, we all have a limited time to become who we want to become here on earth. We hustle and we bustle to and fro listening to the sounds of the incoming metros and the mad rush hour of people heading to work. Don’t get me wrong, I am a busy body. I love cities because the fast-paced, energetic, go-getter-type of aura that surrounds them fits me perfectly. This contact with so many resources, allowing you to accomplish so much–is what makes some of the largest cities in the world so grand. Paris, Tokyo, New York City, London, Lisbon, etc… So much potential lies within those skyscrapers and traffic ridden streets. In my eyes, these cities show the realities of the world.

Sometimes we need to relax in the peace of the mountains, and other times we need the hustle of the city to get us up on our feet. I like to think of the perfectly balanced life somewhere between an early-morning yoga session and the adrenaline rush of rock-climbing to a new height. Lisboa has helped to show me this.

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