Global Village

6 November 2013

I had no idea that so much culture could fit into such a small area. Today was the Global Village event that ISCTE had been prepping us for since the beginning of the semester. There were over 30 different countries represented, from every continent on the globe (excluding Antarctica of course…there were no penguins to represent them). Each country had a table full of maps, pamphlets, videos, pictures, and bizarre things about their country. There were traditional clothes, flags, and posters typical to each region, and best of all there was lots and lots of homemade typical food from around the world.

I have made such great friends since at ISCTE, people who are so full of passion and love for for their culture that they would share their stories from a rooftop, shouting for the whole world to hear. Korea, Japan, Hungary, Czech Republic, Georgia, Russia, and many many other places. Honestly, today was one of my favorite days at ISCTE. I loved watching people get so excited about their home country and try to share their love for it through pictures, stories, food, and laughter. My heart was pounding a thousand beats a second just from the excitement and thrill of thinking that all these places, people, and cultures actually exist in the world and what is even better is that they are open to be explored. People love to share stories of where they came from. People love to tell stories about their heritage. And I love to listen to those stories. The best way to experience a culture is to go to where that culture was born (visit the country) and find people who absolutely love where they live–then you will be sure to get a real taste of what it is like to be a local.


Kimbap or Korean Sushi. Yum.


Kailey, trying Kimbap for the first time. Thank you Gi for saving us the last two pieces, it was delicious!


A little taste of Mexico. Beans, Salsa, and Guacamole…it doesn’t get better than that!


Welcome to China! Tea, pot-stickers, and entrepreneurs! These girls own their own jewelry business back in China…the power of women in business is in the workings.


Japan, the home of Sushi and beautiful Calligraphy. This country is definitely in my top Asian destinations. By the way, that is my name in JAPANESE.


Polish Potatoes. Lots and lots of potatoes. I absolutely love Eastern Europe, but I have to steer away from most the food because it is REALLY good and REALLY heavy…


Alright, why didn’t I know about this when I was in Budapest? This chocolate and cheese Hungarian dessert was AMAZING. I can not let myself get a hold of this recipe, or I will probably make it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner until I get sick of it (if that is even possible).


Bulgaria, one of those countries still on my “bucket list”. I did not realize that they had such great flavors. Grab a little Feta cheese, spiced with red pepper and a special herb unique only to the Bulgarian mountains and top it with some typical Hungarian vegetable sauce (I cannot spell it for you because the Bulgarian language contains letters that we do not have in English). Europe cuisine is always this good.


Hot peppers from Portugal (piri piri). They are used with everything, and for a good reason! They add just the kick needed in any Portuguese dish, like fish and seafood dishes.


Say hello to Finland. Thank you for posing for my picture Aleksi. _MG_6053

Try some dumplings from Slovakia, and learn some Slovakian while you are at it.


Mama Mia, its Italia! Beware of those Italians, they will sweep you off your feet in just a matter of seconds with their bold Italian accents and knowledge of how to build the perfect pizza or Bolognese pasta.


Sweden, the home of IKEA, H&M, and of the BEST people I know._MG_6064

Say hello to Korea, and a little bit of China….(thanks to Manyao) Gu, Sun, and their friend (sorry I don’t know your name) are the best cooks on the block. Kimbap is now one of my new favorite foods, second only to Korean Bibimbap. _MG_6073

Last but not least, the USA. Peanut Butter, popcorn, karaoke, what else do you need?

Kailey and I popped three huge bags of popcorn to share from the “United States” booth. We bought dozens of different herbs and spices to experiment with and ended up creating a Portuguese Erva Doce, an Italian Pizza, and an island coconut flavor. The Popcorn was a hit, everyone kept coming back to the booth for more (the giant bottle of Skippy peanut butter helped lure people over as well). Did you know that peanut butter is quite uncommon outside of the United States? Many of the people there had NEVER tried it before…what?


Popcorn in class? I think yes! Kailey and I were the most popular people in Portuguese Culture and History today…

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