29 Novembro 2013

Machico, o cidade onde vamos ficar para o próximo dias.

Juan e Bernadette são o nomes das pessoas que vivemos com esta fim de semana quando estamos na Madeira. Eles são muitos simpáticos e eles gostam muito de nos. Madeira e muita bonita! O ilha inteiro tem casas que fui construir nas montanhas. Eles parecem escadas porque eles ficam nas montanhas a cima de cada outra. É incrível para ver!





Mercado no Funchal, o capital de Madeira. Madeira tem muitas frutas típicas que são exótico para Eu.

Hoje fomos primeira a Funchal para ver a mercada que é muita famosa ali. Madeira tem frutas que nunca visto antes chegai aqui e estas frutas são muitas boas. Maracujás, guiavas, e muitos outras que agora no consigo lembrar os nomes. Mas Funchal é lugar muito gero porque é tem todas coisas numa cidade. Como uma porta, uma mercado grande, uma baixa com ruas velhos, casas típicas, e um sentido que e muito interessante e gero.



Curral dos Freadas.

Depois a mercada em Funchal fomos a te uma cidade que e minha favorita cidade no mundo. Curral dos freadas é o nome de esta cidade e fica no vol muito fundo entre doas montanhas grandes. No consigo dizer tu como cativar é cidade. É absoluta incrivil. Para nossa primeira dia na ilha vemos muito coisas! Juan tem um carro que El condiz a voltar da ilha é para esta fim de semana El quere levar nos a qual quer lugar queremos! Juan e Bernadette são muitas simpáticas pessoas é temos muitas benções para encontrar com eles.

Quase comemos esta coelho para jantar…

Bernadette não desceu-nos comer isso então tivemos comer peixe porco em vez de coelho.

We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. I have a theory that island people are so closed off from the world that they simply just do not know how to act like the majority of continental inhabitants. There is nothing wrong with this, but I know for me this came as a complete culture shock. First of all, Bernadette is a character. She loves to talk using diminutives (saying every world in Portuguese in the “small/cute” version, similar to “baby talk” in the USA). She is afraid of everything, and now I know every Portuguese word that means “danger” or “careful”. We had many interesting experiences with Bernadette, watching fish juice drip all over the floor without a thought of cleaning it up, licking fingers while tasting the raw eggs and fish cooking in the frying pan, and explaining to us that the dishes piled up in the sink did not need to be cleaned (when there were literally ants and flies all over them). One morning while Kailey was doing her make-up in the bathroom Bernadette came bursting in with only her underwear on and sat down to use the bathroom, sparking up a conversation with Kailey as she did so. At the time we were absolutely shocked when things like this would happen to us, but now we just look back and laugh. She is a woman of an island, who doesn’t know any better than to eat rice, pasta, potatoes, potato chips, and fried fish for every meal without a hint of sanitation standards in the process. It was really good for Kailey and I to stay with them and teach them about how to keep their bodies as clean and healthy as possible. I realized that I am so lucky to have the knowledge that I do about things such as this, and watching events play out this weekend–I really want to use that knowledge to bless and help others.




Pico de Arreio é incrivil! Temos voltar e fazemos esta caminhada!

Juan and Bernadette are absolutely incredible people. They drove us around the island and took us to do all the things that we wanted to do. They always made sure that their was plenty of food on the table (even to the point of putting literally everything they owned in their kitchen on the table for just one meal). Kailey and I normally do not eat a lot of food, but they were very concerned that we were not getting enough to eat (in comparison to them). I tried to explain to Bernadette that salad and fruit would be better option for her for dinner at 11 in the evening instead of friend chicken, rice, potatoes, pasta, and cookies, but she was convinced that salad would make her stomach hurt. Juan listened to us when we talked about how to eat healthy, and I truly believe that he wants to change his lifestyle to be more healthy. He is from Angola, just learning to read, and finally has the opportunity to go to school in hopes of finding better job prospects. This couple is one of the most interesting couples I have ever met, and definitely one of the most memorable.

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