Christmas Day

25 December 2013 Every Christmas just gets better and better. I cannot believe that the day has already come and that just like that, it is over. It is absolutely crazy how fast time flies by. It seems like I just arrived in Grangeville a few hours ago, yet a week has already passed, Christmas [...]

Little Italy

22 December 2013 Today is Italian day. Can you guess what we made after church? Pizza, Italian Pizza! It was such a fun experience and it tasted so good...  Although the spice mixture shown below is not an Italian spice is another curry creation.  I don't think I can go one day without experimenting [...]

Garam Masala Queen

19 Dezembro 2013 Garam Masala is my favorite spice mix from Northern India.  One day I would love to go there and actually learn how the locals mix spices to create the perfect warm, sweet, yet spicy mixture of these spices.  My mixture includes Cinnamon, Coriander, Cumin, Turmeric, Paprika, and Ginger.  It is one of [...]