Day of Tears

16 Dezembro 2013

Today was a full day. Kailey and I presented our research to AEG and completed our final day of our internship, I took my last exam that I will take here in Portugal (I still have two other exams but they will be proctored at BYU), and I ate my last dinner with Luis, Diana, Margarida, and Rita because I leave early tomorrow morning to return to the United States. It was a day full of emotions, tears, love, gratitude, and humility. I cried a lot. Kailey and I bought presents for the girls to give to them right before they went to bed, and it turned into a gathering of hugs, tears, kisses, and goodbyes. I do not think anyone is going to sleep tonight.

I usually do not cry over things like this. I am going to see Luis, Diana, Margarida, and Rita again, but all the same I have to leave at least for the next 5 months to study at BYU. This parting from a family that I sincerely adore and love, is one of the hardest things I have ever done. It is almost as hard as it was to leave my own family back home in the United States when I left for Europe.

The parting is bittersweet because I am absolutely thrilled to see my family back home and spend Christmas with them. I have been away for nearly the past 8 months and have missed watching my youngest siblings grow up and achieve incredible things. Part of me is ready to go home, but part of me does not want to leave the family that I have hear in Portugal. Luis, Diana, Margarida, and Rita are my family now too, and I love them all dearly. It is sad, and I am still crying because I hate to see such good times come to an end, but I know that my relationship and love for the Marocos is not going to end here. Kailey and I have already begun planning our return back to Portugal this summer, as soon as we have worked and saved up enough money to return. This makes the parting easier, knowing I will return, but none the less the tears just keep coming and coming. I am going to miss your laugh Luis, your healthy experiments cooking in the kitchen Diana, your dancing around the living room during dinner Rita, and all the times that you hid the Nutella from your father Margarida. I am going to miss so much, but it is time for me to return to my family and to my home in the United States. I have missed them for the past 8 months and cannot wait to see them. I miss Talia singing songs every second of the day, Clayton asking me questions that I have no idea what the answer is, Madison filling the kitchen with sweet smelling baked goods while having the fashion sense of a vogue model, Mom taking care of everyone and everything that needs her help always with a smile, and Dad studying up on all the things that I his children are interested in so that we can all be the best possible at what we do. I miss these things and so many more and it is time for me to switch places and be with the people that I love in the United States. I love you all, and cannot wait until we see each other again.



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