Os Marocos.

17 Dezembro 2013

O ultimo quatro meses tem ido muito rápido. Quando tem ido o tempo? Este momento estou sentar no aeroporto em Lisboa para esperar para minha voar a Londres. Não é possível que estou partir de minha pais e minha família em Portugal. O Luis, a Diana, a Margarida, e a Rita têm mudada minha vida. O ultimo quatro meses tenho tido e para eternidade vou ter eles para família. Estou muito feliz para isso. Tenho muitos benções. Se não ficava com o Maroco família não ser o pessoa que só hoje. Tenho aprendido muito muito muito muito a cerca de família, bondade, amor, e sacrifícios de esta família. Eles são algumas das melhores pessoas que conheço e que conhecerei. O Luis é o perfeito pai para a Margarida e a Rita e a Diana é o perfeito mai para a Margarida e a Rito. Esta família tem alguma coisa que é muito especial e tive muito sorte para ser uma parte deste famila.

O Luis, a Diana, a margarida, e a Rita, já tenho saudades para vocês. Quero ficar com vocês para mais tempo agora, mas não e triste que preciso sair porque vou voltar em pouco tempo. Já tenho planas com Kailey a cerca de nossa voltamos a te Portugal, a te vocês. Obrigada por todo e não têm muito divertido sem eu! Guardam isso para o verão quando posso ser aqui também. Gosto muito muito muito muito de vocês. Beijinhos. A te ja.

Where has time gone? As I sit in the airport waiting for my first connecting flight to London, I can’t believe that the past four months are already over. It went so fast. It seems like just yesterday Kailey and I were sitting at the airport, having just arrived to Lisbon, without a clue about where to go or what to do. We had no idea where we were going to live, and I knew absolutely nothing about Portuguese (the culture, people, language, etc..) It was exhilarating yet terrifying at the same time. I felt completely culture shocked and vulnerable to the world. Kailey’s dad was able to get ahold of a friend who was willing to take us into their home for a few weeks. We had a little time before school started to look for a place to live. The name of this friend was Luis Maroco. Little did we know and little did he know, that we could be living with him and his family for the next four months. We tried looking for a place to live in Lisbon, but it only took less than a day for us to realize the mistake that we were making in trying to find somewhere other than our home in Palmela with the Maroco family.

Luis and Diana dropped us off on a saturday night at the home of Seo, a friend of the Battaglia family who is a member of the Lisbon ward (LDS church). I remember that night so clearly. From the moment Luis and Diana drove off with Margarida and Rita in the back seats of their car, and we remained sitting on the concrete wall outside of an apartment complex in the inner city suburbs of Lisbon, I felt a tight not, a sick feeling begin to swell in my stomach. We sat there waiting for Seo, with our luggage spread out around us not speaking a word (until an old drunk man decided to go number two outside of the apartment building across the street…the one laugh we had that evening). In just a short two weeks, Luis and Diana and their two daughters Margarida and Rita had made such a distinct impression on me. Their was something very special about this family, something that we would be outright stupid to not do everything in our power to be a part of. There are not many families like the Maroco family in the world today, and every single day of the past four months only served to prove this statement true. Directly after church, the day after and less than 24 hours later we had been dropped off, we called Luis and Diana and told them we wanted to go back to their home, to our home. Shortly after this incident, Luis and Diana offered to let us stay in their home for the rest of our time in Lisbon. They clean out their empty bedroom in the first floor of their home, which became our bedroom for the next 3 months.

Looking back on it now, I cannot even begin to think about how big of a sacrifice that was for Luis and Diana and their two darling little girls, to take two American girls into their home and into their lives for such a long period of time. I am so grateful for their sacrifice and their willingness to add two more friends, two more daughters to their family. Yesterday night, Kailey and I shared a few small Christmas gifts with Magarida and Rita and gave them our last hugs and kisses for a while, enough to last until we return. Margarida turned to Diana and started Sobbing, I grabbed Rita and started stobbing, and soon the entire room was full of our entire family sobbing and giving hugs. I do not think that Luis and Diana will ever know how much of an impact their family has had on my life and will continue to have on my life. They taught me how to be selfless, how to love, and how to enjoy-everday-the beautiful world that we live in and the amazing people that we have. My time in Portugal has just started. Luis and Diana, Margarida and Rita, I will be back. I have so much more to learn from you and so much more adventures to go on with you.
See you again soon. Até ja.



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