A Day in France and Portugal

20 Dezembro 2013

I decided upon arrival back in the states that everyday  am going to bring a piece of another culture in my home.  I am going to do that by cooking food from each of the places that I fell in love with in Europe.  Today was France.  I love France, and even more I love Paris.  We made orange crepes for breakfast, a famous French tradition, and Ratatouille for lunch.  I love how you can take spices and mix them together to get the flavor that you want and then add them to ANYTHING you want and it tastes so delicious and different EVERY TIME.  I can eat a vegetable stir fry every single day and never get tired of it because the flavor is always different.  The way I talk about food and the pictures that I show probably paint a picture that I only eat the healthiest foods….but this is far from the truth.  I like to let loose and experience cuisine that is not the healthiest, but has a deep connection with culture and tradition from someone in the world.  Today was one of those days.  My mother and I made some incredible Portuguese desserts, each recipe coming from my friends in Portugal.  They turned out delicious, I had to hold myself back from eating EVERYTHING in front of me.

IMG_1917 IMG_1926 IMG_1925



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