Christmas Day

25 December 2013

Every Christmas just gets better and better. I cannot believe that the day has already come and that just like that, it is over. It is absolutely crazy how fast time flies by. It seems like I just arrived in Grangeville a few hours ago, yet a week has already passed, Christmas Day is over, and I am on my way to NYC with my sister tomorrow morning.

I have had so much fun spending the past week with my family. It was incredible to be able to share my love of Portugal with them through the treasures and gifts I brought home, as well as my traditional Portuguese cooking… Four months in Portugal is adequate time to be able to pick up a few skills.

IMG_9100 IMG_9079 IMG_9076 IMG_9043 IMG_9018 IMG_8998 IMG_8988 IMG_8967 IMG_8955 IMG_8935 IMG_8933 IMG_8930 IMG_8928 IMG_8914 IMG_8899 IMG_8848

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