Start of the Year

1 January 2014

How lucky am I to be able to take off with my sweet sister and spend the end of the year in the beautiful and bitter cold New York City.  We planned this trip back in March long before I new that I would be returning home 5 days before Christmas.  It was hard to arrive home and then turn around and leave my family a week later, but I have never had such a fun time in my life those 8 days in New York City with my sister.  We boarded a red-eye flight on the thursday evening the day after Christmas and arrived in NYC at 6am.  My good friend Spencer and his brother drove to the airport to pick us up and proceeded to be our tour guides over the next 8 days in this beautiful city.  It is crazy how things just work out.  Just three weeks previously I had been informed by my friend that the family we were to stay with in the city had gone out of town and hadn’t left their key or any way to access their home.   Great.  I have no money after spending the past 9 months in Europe and I have three weeks to figure out how we are going to spend 8 nights in the most expensive city in the USA at the busiest time of the year.  All I can say is Thank You Spencer Yamada.  Spencer is a good friend that I met while studying at Oxford and Cambridge this past summer.  He is a Canadian from BYU whose family has lived in downtown Manhattan for the past 13 years.  I do not know how he did it, but he found an empty flat on the 9th floor of a beautiful apartment on Roosevelt Island with an overlooking view of the entire city of Manhattan.  Are you serious?  I will never forget my reaction when I walked out of the train station at Times Square New Years Eve night…. there were so many people it was absolutely crazy… That was a night never to be forgotten.

IMG_9397IMG_9403IMG_9401 _MG_9396 IMG_9304 _MG_9300

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