Columbia, Pizza, Emily’s City

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4 January 2013

I have so many pictures and videos from my time here in NYC.  I have no idea how I am going to handle them all.  I need to find a way to consolidate all my devices and just use one for capturing moments instead of worrying about carrying my iphone, cannon camera, and gopro around with me everywhere I go.  Anyways, earlier last week we were able to met up with Emily Kalish, one of our very good friends from Cambridge this past summer.  She is one of the funnest and most optimistic persons that I know.  She has been studying in NYC for the past several years at one of the top art schools and she absolutely loves it.  She comes from the town of Princeton in New Jersey, where her ancestral roots from Israel and Italy spring up in nearly every aspect of her life–especially cooking.  I wish that I could of spent more time than just one day with Emily, but hey, it gives me reason to come back.

We spent the beginning of the day walking around Columbia University–one of the Universities I dreamed about studying at when I was a young girl. In the past 9 months I have been to some of the most prestigious places in the world, I cannot believe how it all has happened.  There is feeling that you get when you walk on ground that you know was walked on in pivotal moments of the world’s history.  Columbia University felt like that.  Soon after our tour of the school we met up with Emily and the Museum of Natural History, not as big as the louvre, but equally as impressive.  We had more fun laughing and talking about the past 9 months of our lives than we did viewing the ancient historical artifacts…but I still left having learned a lot about dinosaur cuisine and the flying habits of some of the strangest ancient birds I have ever seen…

We ate at Ray’s Pizza and later stopped by Little Italy to grab some cheesecake from Emily’s favorite local secret.  Yes, I ate both the Pizza and the Cheesecake.  When I am in New York I don’t let one cultural experience slip.  Riding past the Statue of Liberty with my sister and two great friends on the Ferry, eating cheesecake and watching Madison’s eyes light up with excitement at the sight of Ms. Liberty, are moments I will cherish forever.

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