Back at BYU

25 February 2014


Alright.  I know that a two month break from blogging has been the worst decision I ever made.  I thought that after my experiences throughout Europe and most recently Portugal, I deserved a break from capturing my every move in photos and words.  The truth is I miss it, and I regret deeply those 2 months that I chose not to write.  Is it that I don’t think Provo, Utah has experiences worth capturing?  If so, I quickly learned that is not the case.  In the past two months I have dove head first into the strategy program at BYU, begun working for a near fortune 500 company – Qualtrics, and have launched my own business called aCanela.  Balancing those three major players in my life along with the adventures that always seem to sneak their way into the cracks, volunteering at the Hare Krishna Hindu temple in Spanish Fork, hitting the slopes for some skiing, attending Women in Business events, and socializing with all the wonderful people that I have connected with or reconnected with–has been a struggle.  But, this struggle has been well worth it.  Life is full of adventures and I cannot even begin to describe how much I have enjoyed the ones it has thrown me on thus far.  I am so lucky to be here at BYU studying in such a great major, with great people, having such grand adventures.  I look forward to sharing the next two months of my Junior experience here at BYU with you as my blog “slacking” has come to an official end today.  I want to share my experiences at BYU, the ones that shape my everyday life, with you…not just the exotic adventures abroad.  As accurately as I can, here is a recap of the past two months of my life.


5 January 2013:

Fly from JFK international airport NY to Salt Lake City.  The first day of classes at BYU starts tomorrow.  I should probably find a place to live, huh?  The Tanner Building at BYU aka The Marriott School of Management, oh how I have missed you.


A MUCH NEEDED haircut after 9 months abroad… Thank you Tim.



The first two weeks of school, Kailey and I were deal-making with all the landlords in Provo trying to snatch the best housing deal for the cheapest price.  We finally found the perfect place for the perfect price, good work girls, the only downside was that we had to wakeup at 6 every morning to commute to school from Kailey’s parent’s home in Alpine… It felt like Portugal all over again.  ABove:  Kailey’s home in Utah to our apartment at Fernwood just south of campus.





Qualtrics is a very fun place to work!  The start-up culture and enjoyable team of colleagues make everyday exciting.  It helps that they have 10 fridges completely stocked full of food for anyone and everyone to enjoy…. Above: A typical occurrence at my desk…



We have a lot of “food experiments” in this apartment.  Pictured above is a mexican dish and some homemade yogurt.


aIMG_2464 IMG_2456

The first week on the job, Qualtrics takes us snowboarding…and pays us to do it.  I need to start a corporation like this.


The beginnings of aCanela LLC …  This right here is the NUMBER ONE reason I have been failing to keep a consistent up-to-date blog of my adventures.  I have decided to dedicate my time to launching a business, rough life I know ;).


Christina, one of my good friends at work invited me over to hang with some of her friends who served their missions in Argentina.  We made empanadas!  The only thing that is bad about having such a love of culture, is often the food associated with that culture is not the least bit healthy… I have eaten more sugar and grease in the past few weeks than I have eaten in my entire life…


Kailey and I often skype Luis and Diana in Portugal.  We want to go back so bad!  We are planning on visiting them this summer… flights from Boston to Portugal are only $213 one way.  Why don’t I live in Boston!

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