February Recap

February 2013

I promised that I would blog everyday.  Yeah, I lied.  At least I take photos everyday so that I can remember partially what happened over the past month or so.  Life has been crazy and I honestly do not even have enough time to breathe…  That being said, I would not change the experiences I am having for ANYTHING in the world and I look forward to every moment that is to come in the future.  This past month has been absolutely incredible and I have learned more than I ever thought was possible.

IMG_2579 IMG_2581

The Banana Leaf is a restaurant in Provo that serves Sri Lankan and Singaporean food.  I suggested this place for our last meal together as a family before my brother left for the MTC to serve a full time mission in Memphis, Tennessee.  I already miss him so much, and love hearing all his updates each week.  He is in the heart of one of the most cultured cities in the United States.  A place where Jazz Music and Street Dancing are a common occurrence… How can it get better than that?

IMG_2797 IMG_2802 IMG_2815 IMG_2826 IMG_2828

I went to Boise over a weekend to watch my sister play in her State Basketball Tournament and cooked some crazy food for my family members.  We made some AMAZING Indian curry (actually 3 different types).  They all turned out great, and the banana leaf presentation made it taste even better…I couldn’t cook for my family without sharing a bit of Portuguese love with some Octopus for dinner.

IMG_2836 IMG_2839 IMG_2849

I was so glad to watch my sister play at State and am so proud of how well she did.  Boy am I lucky to have such talented family members.

IMG_2892  IMG_2899

IMG_2774 IMG_2777More Octopus…. Yum!


Kailey and I heading out on another adventure.  It has become a commonplace thing to take photos of our feet as we leave our home for some crazy outing or journey…

IMG_2791 IMG_2760

Andrew and I went out for Korean food and it was delicious!  When I am not working on my business or doing school work, I am usually rock climbing with Andrew…Not a bad trade off 🙂

IMG_2607 IMG_2621 IMG_2622 IMG_2623 IMG_2624

My Roommates are so great!  I am so lucky to have such incredible friends in my life.  Sydney and Kailey are always pushing me to be my best self and stretch my limits as far as adventure goes

IMG_2667 IMG_2674 IMG_2680 IMG_2689 IMG_2691 IMG_2695 IMG_2712 IMG_2724 IMG_2723
IMG_2663IMG_2597 IMG_2602

Volunteering at the Hare Krishna Temple has been the best decision I ever made.  I have loved every minute of it and have learned than I ever thought was possible.  It is incredible how different cultures around the world are.  I love learning about all of the different peoples and places around the world and cannot wait until I venture out into the world and experience so much more…

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