The Journey 2014

Less than 12 months ago I was traveling around Europe learning things that I never knew would change my life forever.  My backpacking adventure through  Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Switzerland, England, Scotland, and Portugal was not just mere travels, but the start of something much larger.  This [...]

Spice Up Your Life

  aCanela's mission is to build cross-cultural relationships through the power of food and flavors.  In 42 days our journey begins as we backpack through Asia discovering the secrets between food, spices, relationships, and culture.  Follow our adventures on this blog and be a part of the journey.

Udon and Boba

1 March 2014 Today was filled with studying, strategy, guitar, and japanese noodles.  This evening my friend Andrew and I made Udon, a Japanese noodle dish.  It was fun and very tasty!  The noodles were homemade, and the broth consisted of so many different kinds of sauces/oils (sesame, oyster, soy, etc...) After enjoying our delicious [...]