I am Going to India

2 March 2014

So as we speak my passport and visa application is on its way to the Indian Embassy in San Francisco.  I cannot believe the adventure that is coming sooner than I ever imagined!  When I boarded the airplane in Lisbon, Portugal I knew that I was only going to last so long before the desire of adventure found me once again.  But, I never expected India.  Rachel, Parker, Holly, and I will be leaving at the end of semester for a backpacking adventure around India and Southeast Asia.  Parker is my friend from Cambridge, an engineering student here at BYU.  Rachel is in my ward this semester and is one of the most humorous people I have ever met, and Holly is a new friend-introduced to me by Parker, and she is a BYU Jerusalem Center alumni.

Since planning this trip, it is crazy how much I think back to my last summer adventures backpacking Europe.  I loved it so much, and learned more about myself and the peoples and cultures of the world than ever would have been possible to learn sitting in a classroom.  Below I included a copy of Rachel and I’s visa photos for India.  The next time we see those faces, they will be on a freshly pressed Indian Visa in our US Passports!  I have a lot of work to do before I leave because actually, this trip is going to a business trip for me.  I am working on a marketing and advertising campaign for my company aCanela, and have decided that why not do it in India, since I am already going to be there…



Below is a photo of our living room with a map of the world and a few (and I mean only a few) of the many pictures we took capturing some of the memories of beautiful Portugal.  In all honesty I think I took over 10,000 pictures over the 8-9 months I was abroad.


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