KL Malaysia

30 May 2014 Malay Recipe: Barbeque Noodles Malay Recipe: Hokkien Mee Indonesian Recipe: Satay (meat sticks over BBQ) I love Malaysia.  I never imagined it to be like this at all!  It is so modern, urban, and clean compared to where we spent the last month of our lives.  It is interesting how a short [...]

An Ashram?

27 May 2014 Recipe: curries for all meals? Breakfast Lunch Dinner Wow.  I have never experienced something so weird in my life.  We traveled to the Ashram this morning and spent the day learning about what goes on in such a place.  Just google what an Ashram is... enough said. As beautiful as it gets [...]

Kerala Cooking Class

26 May 2014 Recipe: Pumpkin Curry Recipe: Vegetable Curry Recipe: Dal Fry Today was a great day because I got to take another cooking class!  After taking the Northern Indian cooking class in Jaipur, I knew that before I left India I would need to take a Southern Indian cooking class as well.  Parker Left [...]

Mango Curry

25 May 2014  Recipe: Mango Curry with Rice Today was another great day in Kochi.  We took a Backwaters tour of the Keralan swamp lands that are home to thousands of coconut, mango, pineapple, and banana trees.  The wild growth also serves as the home of many different spice plants, which is always fun for [...]


24 May 2014 Recipe: Masala Dosa We arrived in Kochi early this morning after one of the most terrible bus rides of my life.  Let me give some advice to all those who may be considering traveling around India…do not take overnight buses that do not have beds to lie down in and do not [...]

The Starbucks Refuge

23 May 2014 Recipe: Hampi Thali Recipe: Hampi Byriani Today we missed our first Indian train.  We were supposed to make a connection in Bangalore, but our train from Hampi arrived two hours after it’s planned arrival and therefore our 1 hour connection time was not near enough to catch our connecting train to Kochi.  [...]

Rome of the East

22 May 2014   Recipe: Banana Coconut Parota Hampi-Rome of the East Hampi was absolutely incredible.  It is one of the hidden gems of India, much more impressive than many well known monuments such as the Taj Mahal or Gate of India.  We arrived in Hampi late last night and had to drive to our [...]