Train to Mumbai

15 May 2014


Recipe: Indian Masala Omelet

Eggs 2

Oil 1 Tbs

Red Pepper 1/4 cup

Green Pepper 1/4 cup

Onion 1/4 cup

Garlic 1 clove

Ginger 1 inch piece

Cumin 1/4 tsp

Coriander 1/4 tsp

Fenugreek leaves: small handful

Coriander leaves (cilantro) : small handful

chop the red pepper, green pepper, onion, and garlic, and ginger into small pieces. saute with a bit of oil in a pan until onions are golden brown, add the coriander seeds cumin seeds,   Add the eggs and let cook over low heat for two minutes.  flip the omelet and add the fenugreek and coriander leaves.  Enjoy!

Although Indian food is so distinct from the rest of the world’s food, breakfast still commonly consists of toast and an omelet.   But just like all Indian food, the omelet has a kick from the mixture of spices that are used in it.

I absolutely adore India.  Everything about the culture, people, and places are all so different from everything I am used to.  It is exhilarating to be in culture shock nearly every moment of everyday.


My friend Clare summed it up in one Facebook post….

Things I’ve learnt while in India:

• It’s perfectly acceptable to drive anywhere on the road, at any speed, in any direction, in any form or transport- horse and cart, trucks, cars, push bikes and ever cows are fine.
• Carbs, on carbs, on carbs, with a bit of sauce makes a healthy meal. (Potato curry, with rice, scooped up with bread)
• Waiting in line??? Why would you do that when everyone can just push and shove.
• Any public place, including walk ways are a great place to go to the toilet.
• No matter how small the car or bike is, there is always room for one more person or more stuff.
• Those white dotted lines on the road…. They are just to add a bit of colour. They have no other purpose in India.
• Nothing ever runs on time, and nothing ever makes sense.
• One bus or train seat is enough for the whole family.
• People love to stare at Westerner’s, they can do it for hours on end without looking away once.
• Everyone has a ‘friend’ with the best shop in town.
• Half hour of work must be followed by at least an hour of napping. The middle of the foot path is an excellent spot for this.
• ‘Soon’ means you could be waiting anywhere from an hour up to a week.
• The ground is a great place for rubbish. By throwing it here you are also helping to feed the cows and other animals. They particularly love eating plastic.

There are so many things that are different than what I am used to.  I have been to many different regions in India, and as an outsider I see a lot of things that I would definitely coin as “Indian”.  That being said, ther are also many things that I have noticed have changed from one region of India to the next.

Today I really wanted to get up and view the beautiful sunrise over the Ganges, but promising my family and friends that I would never go anywhere alone while I am India, really limits what you can do.  It has been a great opportunity for me to learn patience on this trip, and realize that not everybody likes to fill every second of their day up with things to do.  Unfortunately I did not get to see the sunrise because the others did not want to rise that early and head to the Ganges….its alright, I am just saving things to do on my next trip to India.

IMG_4366 _MG_1853 _MG_1849

One of my favorite experiences in India did happen today.  Rachel and I headed out into the city for yoga with the yogi Siddharth, in his little studio overlooking the Ganges River.  It was absolutely gorgeous and really hard.  People tease those that do yoga as participating in a “girls” sport, but those who say that have no idea what they are talking about.  Yoga takes pure strength, and it takes years and years of training to become a master.  A yoga master is called a yogi, a title that is quite prestigious in Indian Society.

Yogi Saddharth was first off an incredible yogi master, and second off an incredible person.  It was amazing to be able to practice yoga in India and right next to the Ganges River.  I thought that all my days of yoga in the states would prepare me for yoga in India, but boy was I wrong!  The Yoga session with Yogi Saddharth was so much harder than I expected.  It was beautiful and strenuous at the same time.

We boarded the another train at 11am this morning and will be on it for the next 28 hours.  This will be the longest train ride I have ever taken in my life!  India offers so many different experiences and all of them are so new to me.  Just now we are stopped in the middle of vast field right next to a village where the children and women are running to the train with buckets of water on their heads to give the passengers in the train some water.  Everyone is so nice here.  We are sitting next to a lovely Indian woman and her little five year old girl.  The young girl does not speak English but she is absolutely darling.

IMG_4372…and this is the bathroom dilemma I face everyday…gross.

It is a little unsettling just how much I have gotten used to all the dirt here.  There are things that I have become accustomed too that I am not sure if I really want to become accustomed to.  I am cutting back on the amount of potatoes, rice, and bread that I eat…I have had fun for two weeks here and now it is time to start being a little more healthy.

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