Camel Riding for our Good Byes to India

28 May 2014

Recipe: Ashram Curries (previous post)

The sunset at the beach is absolutely stunning.  I am sitting outside a little beach shack on the shores of Alleppey in Kerala India.  Today might be my last day in India for a while.  A lot of things have happened since I last wrote, and that is why today I had to write for each day in the past week.  We found out last Thursday that Thailand had called a military coup throughout the country and enforced a curfew of 5am-10pm throughout the nation.  Thailand has been having political problems for some time now and it just so happened that they decided to crack one week before our scheduled arrival via Thai airways.  Since that announcement Parker has left us for the Eastern coast of India and Holly decided to change her flight from Bangkok to Dallas, Texas-she flies out tomorrow.  When you decide to travel you choose to be alright with whatever unexpected circumstances come your way-and this was one of them.  Our group of four that was supposed to be headed to Southeast Asia in 3 days is now Rachel and I.  The country that we are scheduled to fly into is in the middle of a political uprising and Rachel and I have two weeks until Kailey and Christian fly over to join us.  Traveling sure is an adventure, but I never expected it to be this much of one!

IMG_4960 IMG_4972 IMG_4970 IMG_4966 IMG_4958 IMG_4947

Rachel and I have been debating back and forth whether we should just fly into Thailand on our booked flight, change our flight and fly straight from Kochi tomorrow when Holly flies out, or even change our flight to take us into Cambodia.  We have a lot of decisions to make and it seems as if everytime we try to make one something comes up that changes our mind.  We know people in both Cambodia and Thailand, so at least that is a comforting thought.


It is incredible how little miracles happen just when you feel like there is no hope.  My excursion to India ended up costing me a lot more than I budgeted for, I mean when you come to India you expect it to be very cheap (well at least I did).  It would have been in my budget, but sticking together as a group, we made some decisions to have a “nice” and “honest” travel agent help us and ended up leaving his office $1000 lighter.  This $1000 went towards purchasing our trains and accommodations throughout India in places that we wanted to visit where we did not know anybody.  I failed to realize that unlike Europe, India has a population of people that simply do not have the space to take people in (especially four people).  This slight hitch in my budget, as well as several hefty shipping charges to ship pieces of home décor, textiles, spices, and textiles home left my pocket a lot lighter than I expected it to be.  I was quite devastated that my plan to visit Europe at the end of this summer may never come to pass after I expended all my money in southeast Asia.

IMG_2702 _MG_2708 _MG_2697

It is 10:38 pm and the wifi just went out for the 20th time this evening.  Indian wifi is some of the worst wifi I have ever experienced… Rachel and I (with the help of Andrew Chenn) have been trying to plan our trip to Southeast Asia without having to night train over to Chennai and wait three days before we head over to Thailand.   We have been looking at flights out of Kochi for sometime and haven’t been able to find anything on the day we want and to the location we want.  It is crazy how little miracles happen…

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