An Unexpected Last Day in India

29 May 2014

IMG_4980 IMG_4979 IMG_4978

Recipe: Southeast Vegetable Kurma-Coming Soon


I am sitting enjoying the view of the Arabian Sea during my last few minutes in India.  We did it.  Rachel and I fly to Malaysia tonight at 11:35, we bought our tickets this morning and fly out later this evening.  Talk about impromptu travel!  This girl is the queen!  Since being in Asia (today marks the 30th day we have been in India) I have learned so much about understanding different people, different cultures, and different desires in life.  Things change in the blink of an eye and sometimes you do not even see the change coming until it hits you.  Due to current conditions in Thailand, Rachel and I had to change our plans and destinations to continue our journey while still being safe and enjoying our time.


It is 5:30 in Kochi, India and Holly, Rachel, and I are patiently waiting in the airport for our fights to leave.  Rachel and I are really doing it, we are flying to Malaysia at 11:35pm tonight.  It seems almost like a dream.  Less than 24 hours ago we saw a flight to Malaysia and thought that it might be a good option to go there.  Here we are sitting in the airport less than 24 hours later getting ready to go on that flight.  Holly is headed home to the us and Rachel and I are off to Malaysia.  It is crazy how things happen in an instant and you have no idea why.  I cannot believe that in 10 hours we will be in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, a place that I never imagined I would ever go.

As we were sitting in the Internet Café this morning (as our little beach shack on the shores of Alleppey didn’t withstand the power outage that comes from the monsoon rains every year around this time we purchased our flight, looked up trip advisor recommendations as to what to see, and “googled” images of Malaysian cuisine.  It is going to be a blast, and one that we never expected to happen.  The flights to Malaysia were the cheapest flights out of Kochi and were quite a steal.  Malaysia is directly below Thailand, just west of the Indonesian Islands.

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