KL Malaysia

30 May 2014


Malay Recipe: Barbeque Noodles


Malay Recipe: Hokkien Mee

_MG_2776 _MG_2778 _MG_2783

Indonesian Recipe: Satay (meat sticks over BBQ)

IMG_5004 IMG_5002 IMG_4999 IMG_4995

I love Malaysia.  I never imagined it to be like this at all!  It is so modern, urban, and clean compared to where we spent the last month of our lives.  It is interesting how a short 4 hour flight can take you to a place so different.  We arrived at 6:30 this morning after a long and sleepless night on an Indonesian Malindo flight from Kochi.  Malindo makes the top of my list for my favorite airlines to fly with.   From the moment we got on the plane and where greeted by the cute Indonesian flight attendants in pink saris and white lace tops and served a delicious Indonesia bread and sauce for dinner, Bali instantly became number one on my list as a Southeast Asian backpacker’s destination.  It is interesting that in the Lonely Planet Southeast Asia book, Bali Indonesia is ranked as the number one travel destination in the entire area.  They go on to list great destinations such as Bangkok Thailand and Hanoi Vietnam, but it is just interesting to see unknown and undiscovered Bali rank as number one.  I have learned very quickly that Westerners (especially Americans) are very quick to judge a place, people, and culture based on slight exposure from media such as news and Hollywood.  Malaysia is nothing like I expected it to be and it is nothing like anyone told me it would be like.  I love it here and I could easily live her for the next chapter of my life.

_MG_2768 IMG_2766 IMG_5009 IMG_5012 IMG_5035 IMG_5029 IMG_5016

We have found it to be very true that come June, the rains begin in the Southern Asian part of the world.  Come 6pm today a rainstorm swooped in, dousing all of Kuala Lumpur in raindrops for the next few hours.  It was perfect for us because we were able to escape into a fun little restaurant and share dinner with our Andita and Sheesha, our new friends from Jakarta Indonesia.  I was introduced to Andita via Andrew, who served a mission with Raz in Austraila, a girl who is friends with Andita who lives in Kuala Lumpur.  It was a round about connection but one that I believe was supposed to happen because Andita and Sheesha are two girls that I will always treasure in my heart.  We became friends even before we met, via facebook and email.  It is so amazing to me that people are so willing to offer to help complete strangers, and it is something that I will consistently strive to do in my own life because I think it is so important._MG_2714 _MG_2716 _MG_2720 _MG_2724 _MG_2732 _MG_2734 _MG_2754 _MG_2757


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