Singapore Dream Comes True…

31 May 2014

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Malay Recipe: Nasi Lemak (Coming Soon)

Malaysia is gorgeous.  My eyes are tired from the lack of sleep over the past few days (a long night in a beach house in Kerala, a red eye flight to Malaysia, and over excitement from the surprise that Malaysia was.  So many things have happened and I have learned so much in such a short amount of time.  I am trying to keep my eyes open every second I can because the bus ride from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore is absolutely gorgeous.  Little did I know that a place like this existed in the world.  Lt is clean, tropical, urban, green, and absolutely beautiful.  The clouds in the sky are some of the deepest creamed colored clouds I have ever seen, and the mountains of rainforest stretch on and on past what the eye can see. I cannot believe that tomorrow will be the 1st of June and that I have seen so much.

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HotPot with Great Friends (well Rachel and I with our new friend from Germany)

As a little girl I always dreamed about going to Singapore.  Little did they know that by putting a map as our tablecloth each day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, my parents were teaching me to love understanding the geography and culture of the world.  I have always been in love with maps, and I continue to find much joy in looking at one for hours and hours learning about the things that have occurred in so many different places around the world.  For me as a child and even now, a map is the greatest source of learning and knowledge of all the things that I have in my possession.

Yesterday we discovered that Taylor Swift is just finishing up her tour in Southeast Asia.  I had the opportunity to go to a Taylor Swift concert my freshman year in college, and it was one of the most fun things I have ever done.  As I was planning on what to do and where to go to avoid as much trouble in Thailand as possible (they called a military coup and curfew across their country due to political instability in their country right now) Andrew mentioned that Taylor Swift had canceled her concert in Bangkok right as we were planning on switching our plans from going to Bangkok (he knows that I love Taylor Swift so he wanted to make sure that wasn’t the reason we were now planning on not flying into Bangkok).  At the moment it didn’t register to look and see if she was performing anywhere else in Southeast Asia that we may be able to get to, but yesterday this great thought came to Rachel and I.  What if we happened to be in the same city that Taylor Swift was in while in Southeast Asia and see one of her concerts?  We looked up her tour dates and saw that she will be in Jakarta Indonesia on the 4th of June, just a short plane ride away from where we are now.  It says that tickets are sold out to her concert, but that is not going to stop me from trying all my might to find someway to purchase one and make an excuse to go to Indonesia and see another Taylor Swift concert.  That would be the perfect remedy to rejuvenate me from a month away from civilization.  The nice thing is that Rachel wants to go just as bad as I do!  When there doesn’t seem like any way possible, you just have to keep trying.  I will keep you posted on how things work out.

I have never seen such beautiful palm trees in my life.  Malaysia never ceases to stun me.  I have been here only a bit over 24 hours and I am in love.  I cannot tell if it is because I have been yearning for something more like home since I have been in India, or if this place is really calling to me as somewhere I would like to explore more.  I love being able to cream that in the future I will be able to come back and spend more time in so many of these beautiful places.

You know you love to travel when consistent 8 hour bus rides and 36 hour trains do not bother you.  I love being in transit between places because it allows me to see the landscape in a different light, and gives my feet a break from walking so much.


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