Ice Cream Sandwich in Bread

1 June 31 IMG_5062

Recipe: Steamboat Dinner (Coming Soon)

Recipe: Ice Cream Sandwich in Bread

Singapore is fabulous.  It is one of those cities that never ceasing to dazzle you for no matter how long you plan to stay.  It has the city life, it has the jungle, it has the beaches, and it has an airport that is centrally located to beautiful islands and amazing countries in all locations.  I am lucky to have been able to spend some time here and become familiar with one of the most beautiful and spectacular cities on Earth.

_MG_2796 _MG_2797IMG_5116 IMG_5114 IMG_5091 IMG_5087 IMG_5086 IMG_5082 IMG_5081It is great backpacking with Rachel because she loves to travel just like me.  We walk mile after mile without stopping and getting tired so that we can enjoy the city just as the locals do.  Last evening, after a late night chatting with two local Singaporean entrepreneurs in their newly opened restaurant, Rachel and I (and our new German friend who we met on the bus ride over) found a hostel on Lavender road to crash for the night.  It was called Little Dot Hostel and it was a decent price for Singapore ($22 a night-enough money to put us up and feed us for an entire week in India).  We arrived at the hostel at 2am and luckily they had a room open and got us all situated to stay the night.

_MG_2801IMG_5122 IMG_5130



We woke up for church early the next day and walked the 3 miles between Lavender and Newton, where the church building is located.  This was the first time we attended church in one month and it was so great to be able to after going so long without it.  We did not realize that going to church in India was going to be so difficult, as you do not find church buildings on every corner as you do in the United States.  We met incredible people at church who were from all around the world.  It was quite the experience.

IMG_5128 _MG_2812 _MG_2832

By now I can draw you a map of Singapore by memory.  We walked through all the major areas of Singapore, some even twice.  From Little India to Arab Street, Bugis to Marina Bay, and Clark Quay to China town, we saw it all.  Singapore has many attractions, but as it is one of the most expensive cities in the world, we stayed away from most of them.  They have an incredible zoo, aquarium, jungle tours, ferries and flights to numerous Indonesian islands, a theater house, amusement parks, universal studios, etc… There is so much to do in the city, not to mention so much to see.  Every building is a work of art.  We could spend another week just walking the streets and observing all the beautiful buildings that towered above us.


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