Noodles For Breakfast

7 June 2014


Recipe:  Noodles for Breakfast?

Recipe: Pineapple Fruit Shake

Recipe: Mango Fruit Shake

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It is quite crazy that we are just leaving Ko Phi Phi after thinking we would only spend an afternoon there just 2 days previously.  This island has been my favorite place in all of Thailand thus far.  They call it the Marilyn Monroe of Thailand and now I know why!

I love to Scuba.  I love the water.  I love the sun.  I love the beautiful weather.  I love people.  I love life.

There are so many things that I have learned since being abroad that I want to incorporate into my everyday life.  I have learned that it is the time you spend with people doing the things that you love that brings true joy.  I never want to forget this, and I always want to find excitement in learning something new and sharing it with others.

A scuba certification course is very near in my future, I can feel it… As well as so many other things that I cannot even think about or come to understand right now.  It always seems to hit me after my travels, just how much I have learned and how much I want to improve on based on what I have seen and experienced.  Life is just too pass it by without trying to understand and love everything that God has placed in your path.

Spending such an extended period of time on the island of Ko Phi Phi showed me just a glimpse of the diversity of God, and the power that he has over his children and the earth and heavens.  When I left to travel my greatest fears were about how other people would interact with me, when I have come to find out upon actually being abroad, that my greatest fears have come from the power of God through Mother Nature.  Storms out at see, Monsoons, wind storms, thunder, lightning, these are all things that I never imagined would be something to be afraid of while traveling, yet these are the things that have brought me the most fear and the most joy.

It has been a good lesson for me to learn that God’s power is stronger than any other power out there and that we can only succumb ourselves to him and follow has path for us.  If we do that, we have nothing to fear because he will take care of us according to his will.  I have loved experiencing so many incredible parts of his nature from desserts, to jungles, to mountains, and coral reefs.  I am incredibly thankful for how blessed I have been.


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