Night trains…

10 June 2014

The fruit in Thailand is like candy.  I just bought a pineapple from one of the women that hop on and off the trains selling street food, and it makes we wonder why I would ever eat a piece of sugary candy again in my life.  The Thai pineapple is sweeter than any I have ever tasted and I am absolutely in love with them.  Since being abroad I have doubled the amount of mangos and pineapples I have eaten in my life.  They are just so good.

To switch the direction of my mood, I am not in love with top bunks on non AC Thai night trains.  Last night it was so hot, sweaty, and the movement of the train was so bumpy that I could not even think straight, let alone try to sleep.  I was so tired after spending the evening Thai boxing that I could hardly keep my eyes open, yet the stickiness of the air and stuffiness of the train was suffocating as you tried to lie still and fall asleep.  Finally I did, but in the morning I awoke just as sleepy and tired as I was the evening before.  Welcome to the life of a backpacker.

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