Jumping the Mexican Border

6 January 2014

I do not have much to write about today. We left our hotel for the bus station at 6:30 this morning with the intent of catching the 7:00 am bus to Chetumal, Mexico, but instead me caught the 6:00am bus that was leaving at 6:38 (late as usual). I did not realize how lucky we were until we arrived in Chetumal with less that an hour to spare before our connecting bus to Merida, the capital of the yucatan was supposed to leave.

Had we caught the 7 am bus, we would have missed the bus to Merida. When we finally arrived in Merida after nearly 12 hours of riding the bus, we were more than ready to run around the city. We skipped catching a can and chose to walk the any streets to our hotel options and let our legs stretch out. Let me just say, that was the best decision ever! We saw so much of the city in just one evening and we even saw a concert going on in the grand plaza.

While a long day on the bus makes for two weary travelers, finally arriving in Merida proves to be a well chosen destination. I am excited for the next few days!



day was a incredibly long day!

We sent nearly 11 hours today (I think it was closer to 11.5 hours) on a bus in transit from one city to another.

We woke up early to catch the bus from Belize city to Chetumal and from Chetumal we caught the bus to Merida. Long trip but we made it safely and without any incidents!

I’ll write more tomorrow but for now… Off to bed!


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